May 252019

After several false starts, and in spite of ongoing heath challenges… We’re back!

We are profoundly grateful to our oldest kiddo, Nicolae, who has been “volun-told” to be our new Webmaster. I am willing to try to commit to posting regularly, but when the head pain is the main issue, technical glitches can become overwhelming quickly.

It will take us a while to get all the cobwebs out of the corners around here. And we would appreciate your help! If you find a broken link, something with crazy characters mixed in, or thing else that’s just not right. please leave a comment and let us know.

I also welcome your input on which topics you are interested in hearing more about: homeschooling, Christian living, chronic illness lifestyle, semi-ranch living, minimizing and non-consumerism, “church hunting,” Disney, modest dress, headcovering, or ??

I am grateful to have you here, and I look forward to sharing our journey together.

Oct 042016

befriendI accepted the offer to review this book gladly, thinking that friendship and belonging were definitely topics that were relevant to my life.  For the past month I’ve been struggling to read it.  I’ve picked it up and started dozens of times.  I read one page.  And another page.  And another.

It just didn’t ever “click”.  I never got “hooked”.  Never felt like I wanted to read on, rather than just put the book down.

In the end, that’s my review and confession.  I didn’t read all of it, or even most of it.  It was dull, and it did not speak to me.  To mis-quote someone pithier than myself:

I could not read it in a box

I could not read it with a fox

I could not read it here, or there

I could not read it anywhere…

I received a copy of the book free from the Ravu Collective / BuzzPlant for review purposes.  As always, my opinions are solely my own, and no other person has any say in what I write in my reviews, nor am I compensated for them.  I also received a second copy of the book with which to conduct a giveaway, but because of these special circumstances, I have simply given away both copies of the book locally, and called it day.

Aug 132016

QK_ravuit_buttonAs far as inspirational people go, they don’t come much “bigger” than this little girl:  Phiona Mutesi.

As the book points out, calling Phiona “the ultimate underdog:

To be African is to be an underdog to the world.  To be Ugandan is to be an underdog in Africa.  To be from Katwe is to be an underdog in Uganda.  To be a girl is to be an underdog Katwe.

The story is truly amazing, and a hard one to tell to an American audience, since the conditions of Phiona’s life are truly so far from anything that we can actually imagine as “daily life”.

Somehow, though, the book didn’t “wow” me.  Having heard about the story, I kept reading because I wanted to know… But I didn’t keep reading because I was captivated by the story as it was being told to me.  Only the last quarter of the book or so actually kept me turning pages and not wanting to put it down.

The video trailer for the upcoming Disney movie gives you an idea of just how much “feels” there are to this story.  And maybe the movie will have an easier time of holding out attention while it paints the picture for us.

You can find out more about Phiona, and the amazing ministry that first reached out to her, at this special website put together by Sports Outreach.

I received a copy of the book free from the Ravu Collective / BuzzPlant for review purposes.  As always, my opinions are solely my own, and no other person has any say in what I write in my reviews, nor am I compensated for them.

Aug 062016

change-671374_960_720I had someone email me with a question about my testimony, and it got me looking back through not only the old “Posts” on the blog, but also our “Pages”.

I knew when we had made some domain changes a while back that some things had gotten “broken”, but I haven’t been up to the task of trying to set everything straight.  I’m probably still not, but at least I’m going to make a start.

Over there on the left side you’ll see the “Pages” listed – with our family background, modest dressing resources, and so forth.  It seems a good place to start.

I’ll replace the lost pictures.  Check the broken links.  Update anything obsolete.  And generally clean house.

PLEASE feel free to comment or email me, or message me on the blog’s Facebook page, with any errors you find, or suggestions.

Yes, I would like to post more, also.  But it feels wrong to keep “building” when the “foundation” is not in good shape.  So that’s my mission…


Jul 092016

unnamedAmazon is having huge savings for “Prime Day” on July 12th – and the deals have already started!

Since being a good steward means getting what we need for as little as possible, keep your eyes out for deals on the things you would be buying anyway.

And what’s more, if you’re NOT a Prime member, you can use a 30-day Free Trial to take advantage of all these great deals!! Check it out:

Happy Amazon Prime Day July 12 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial
Full disclosure: If you click through my links to Amazon, As For My House receives a tiny commission on any purchase you make, without you paying any extra.  It’s the money that pays to keep the blog online, and your clicks are very much appreciated!

Jun 142016

artherlightWe are a game-playing family, so I was excited to hear about a new Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is a Biblical allegory story!

Meet The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance.

I let my son be the one to build a character and enter the world, and “Arty” was born.  He had the fun of choosing a gender, customizing his appearance, and picking a name (within their funny steampunk guidelines).  Then he was off into the world.

There is an introductory episode, which can be played for free to try out the game.  This has tutorial quests, teaching you about the way that the game is played, the important characters that will be part of your life, and the setup of the city where you will be based, as well as the overall story-line.  This part of the game may not be particularly enthralling, since you haven’t gotten into the meat of the adventure yet – but hang in there!

artherlight 2Once you unlock (purchase) Episode 1, you can really dive into the fun.

You receive quests that help guide you on your overarching goal to restore the Great Engine, which will defeat the evil Lucky and disperse the sinister fog.

Your mysterious guide through the entire game is The Scarlet Man – none other than a representation of Christ!

One of the fun things about a MMORPG is that you are playing live, online, in real time, with other people.  You can coordinate a group with real-life friends, or just team up with others your meet in the game.

As a parent, I appreciate the emails that are sent out periodically (triggered by where your child is in the game), allowing me to understand what he is encountering, and make sure he’s making the Biblical connections.

Episode 1 is based on the story of Abraham and Sarah, and additional content is being developed that continues following the Biblical narrative.

My son had this to say:

I really like that you can chat with other players – get help when you need it, and help them.  It’s really fun to play – not too hard (frustrating), and not too easy (boring).  My favorite part is unlocking new areas and exploring, and I like fighting the Automatons.

I would definitely recommend this game to other parents looking for a way to turn “screen time” into something more valuable.

Disclosure:I received a complementary sample of the content of The Aetherlight from BuzzPlant in the hope that I would mention it on my website and/or in social media. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers. I disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

May 312016

Getting back into writing on the blog has proven to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I guess you have probably noticed that my how many (few!) posts there have been over the last couple of months since my declared “New Beginning“.

I am feeling a little torn about how to set up my blog to “publish” to Facebook.

The blog is just sort of “my personal place,” and I talk about all the things that interest me – whether it’s parenting, travel in an RV, good food, or whatever.

That seems okay.

But I have two separate pages on Facebook (aside from my personal page), each of which is rather specific and focused:

As For My House deals with our Christian life (including Christian living, parenting, modesty, etc.).

Contentment Acres, which is new, showcases issues about homesteading, livestock, etc.

It seems to me that plenty of people (relatively to how many there are!) on the As For My House page really don’t want to see another post about cute baby chicks, or chicken coop design.  And vice-versa.

In the grand scheme of things, it probably matters not at all, since so few people will ever see it anyway.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to feel right….

Nov 222015

…and by that I definitely don’t mean that it’s “modest” in the sense of “small”, because this is a GREAT SALE on MODEST CLOTHING!

Deborah & Co. is a company that has been listed in my sidebar for quite some time, and someone we trust as a provider of modest clothing for women (including maternity) and girls.

Here’s what’s happening on Black Friday (and the weekend):

  • Storewide 20% off coupon
  • Free scarf on all orders of $50 or more!
  • We will be releasing a new modest (higher neck) cami with lace at the bottom for Black Friday!

Skip the stress of going out to shop on Friday, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more for your money.  It’s just good stewardship, right?  😉

Nov 012015

Our-Wood-Home-No-Pants-NovemberWe’ve done some skirts-only challenges before, so it was a wonderful surprise to run into this one, happening right now on Our Wood Home:

No Pants November

You have to start today (November 1) if you want to be totally in sync with them…  But please consider giving it a try, no matter when you discover this post, and this challenge.

It’s fun to participate in a challenge like this with a group of other ladies, because you can read the blog posts, see others’ outfit ideas, and otherwise feel inspired and supported.

Yes, we already wear skirts full-time, so I’m not “participating in the challenge” – but I do hope to participate in being inspiring and supportive!

What have you got to lose?