Sep 082009

(By Nick)

Let me start off my long road of Evolution vs. Creation by refuting one of the theories that I have frequently heard.

God did not have use the Big Bang to create the universe. The way Evolutionists say the Big Bang happened does not fit with the Bible’s version.

First of all, the Big Bang seems highly improbable. There was infinite energy in zero volume, which was therefore infinitely hot and dense. At some random point it randomly blew up, and one second later, the temperature had gone from infinity to 10 billion. Furthermore, it does not explain why this energy existed.

Second, the order things happened in. Evolutionists say that there was this big nebula of gas and particles which gradually condensed on itself, making stars, which where followed by planets, followed by water, followed by life. God says, first there was light, not from anything, just light, and a planet of water. Then, he made an atmosphere, grew plants, and then created the sun, moon and stars and distinguished night from day.

There is also an inherent flaw to the Evolutionist model. Physics tells us that when matter is created from energy, an equal amount of antimatter is also created. In reality, there are only trace amounts of antimatter compared to matter.

Finally, the Big Bang can only account for the lightest three elements known, leaving ninety percent of the periodic table to be explained. According to Evolutionist science, the other elements came from supernovae of stars that only had these three elements. These stars’ life spans were calculated to be much longer than has passed since the Big Bang. Yet, they can find none of these hypothetical stars. Gosh, I wonder why?

So, they are willing to put aside rationality to believe something that can be disproven, but criticize us when we put faith in something that cannot be disproven. The logic here is…?

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  1. There is a creation scientist that covers a lot of these things. His name is Dr. Hovind, you guys would probably enjoy his teachings.

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