Sep 122009

j draw
Jewel with her drawing of “Jesus, the Cross, and His Tomb”
Hello, I’m Jewel Holley. (Actually I’m Wolf, typing for Jewel who is not quite ready to type.)

This is my first time to blog.

J.H. (Jewel is fond of her initials, and can even write them…)

Jesus died on the cross. I just wanted you to know that. I think this is very important.

Jesus died for our sins. I just wanted you to know that too.

He wanted to see me and He knew I wanted to see Him.

We’ve been to a lot of churches before and now we go to a new church called Wayside Church. We go on Wednesday and Sunday. You can come to see us at church anytime.

Jewel is four years old and wanted to blog about something. I just transcribed her words, and read them back to her for final approval.

She entertains us with songs and stories that she makes up about Jesus and the crucifixion and resurrection. So, I guess it’s kinda’ natural for her first blog to be about this.

I will be ready to type for her in the future. Please, let her know that you want to hear more from her!

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  3 Responses to “Our Newest Blogger…”

  1. That is beautiful! I love that we can instill God’s love for them at an early age and they will embrace it all the days to come…
    .-= Katrina´s last blog … Let Us Remember =-.

  2. You are so right on, Jewel! 🙂 keep living for Yeshua and telling the whole world about him!
    nice to meet you!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog … On Being Bullied =-.

  3. I enjoyed your blog post, Jewel.

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