Mar 102010

Well, He was, that’s all.

Christians should know better than anyone else – God designed our bodies to make the perfect nourishment for our babies, just like He designed our bodies to bear the children, and our hearts to nurture them.

One of the names the Catholics have for Mary is “Nuestra Senora de la Leche y Buen Parto” – Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Childbirth.

There’s a beautiful chapel housing this statue (a replica, as sadly the original was lost in a fire) up in St. Augustine, Florida – the oldest city in the United States.

There is a church, gift shop, and other historical markers at the Mission – well worth a look if you’re in the area.

And, naturally…

  One Response to “Jesus Was Breastfed”

  1. You are absolutely right! But let’s not stop at Jesus (peace be upon him).

    Let’s include Noah, Abrahim, Moses, Solomon, David—all the prophets ever (peace be upon them all)! Really, every great religious leader was breastfed.

    Not to exclude, let’s mention Krishna for the Hindus and Buddha as well. Confuscious? I’m thinking he was.

    So, only in this age of store shelves and containers do we think that a dead food made for ruminants would be appropriate for our potentially great thinkers of the new millennium.

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