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I was inspired to finally put down my thoughts on this matter by a great post from my good friend and Sister, Jocelyn, called Sunday Fun Day.

She shared this great video (you might have to give it a minute to load):

First, let’s separate the issues.

One issue that both the post and video address is people’s lack of observance. American Christians commonly fix food, clean house, exchange money, and have others do work for them. This part of the issue I don’t disagree with, but I’m going to set it aside for another time and focus on…

When is the Sabbath?

The Bible relates the Sabbath to God’s work of Creation. He labored for six days, and then on the seventh day, He rested.

So we are also commanded to rest on the seventh day.

The video points out that on the Jewish calendar of the time, that corresponded to the day we now call Saturday (specifically, from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset).

But it seems to me that this is actually getting away from the Biblical command, rather than, as presented, following it more closely.

Again: we are commanded to rest on the seventh (last) day of the week – that’s what God said. The command was not to rest on a day men designated by a certain name on a certain calendar – those are “man said” based ruled.

Ask any second grader to name the days of the week for you.

No really. Find a child and ask.

Okay, now how about you? For the vast, vast majority of people in the United States (and much of the rest of the world), what is the first day or your work week? We have jokes and pithy sayings about it!

Even those who work on Saturday and/or Sunday typically recognize that they are “working on the weekend”, and the new week’s schedule commences on … Monday.

So if, in fact, Monday is the day we view as the first day of work, the first day of the week…

That makes Sunday the seventh day, the last day of the week, the Sabbath.

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  1. Did you do any personal study before coming to this conclusion?

    • I’m not sure how to answer that question, as it seems to be answered by the post…

      I have read the Ten Commandments. And I know what is the first (and last) day of the week.

      I have also read and heard many other analysis of this issue, but since everyone agrees that the Ten Commandments are *THE* authority, that seems to cover it.

  2. You’re incorrect madam~ vERY~

    • Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to leave a comment.

      Would you care to share where in the Bible it says that?

      See, the thing is, I’m a student… I post the things I discover, think about, and believe, to share them with other Believers, and encourage others to think about and discuss these issues.

      Iron sharpens iron.

      I’m happy if someone presents a differing viewpoint – as long as they have a Biblical basis for their comments. Then we can all think about, and discuss, and learn and grow together…

  3. You were given a Biblical basis already, in Jocelyn’s post and is this not what you wrote above:

    “Tiffany says:
    November 20, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    I’m not sure how to answer that question, as it seems to be answered by the post…

    I have read the Ten Commandments. And I know what is the first (and last) day of the week.

    I have also read and heard many other analysis of this issue, but since everyone agrees that the Ten Commandments are *THE* authority, that seems to cover it.”

    I feel you are contradicting yourself by addressing one comment in the above way and addressing mine in another way as if to have no Biblical basis for it. Did you look up the information in the Scriptures because it’s in there. The best thing you can do is to search your heart and pray for Yeshua to show you these things. If you truly want to understand it then you have to open yourself up to doing the ‘homework’.

    • I’m sorry you find it contradictory…

      Again – Yes, I have “done my homework,” and the results are reflected in the post above.

      If anyone has any Biblical information that would add to this conversation, I would be happy to hear it…

  4. Tiffany,

    My issue is that you state that you want Biblical evidence presented for Sabbath not being Sunday as you present, and yet you do not present any yourself. You present the ten commandments which are surely great evidence keeping Sabbath holy and set apart. But your issue is when the Sabbath is. You present what you deem as “common knowledge” in our present day to conclude that therefore Sunday is REALLY the seventh day of the week. And these facts that children start naming the week with Monday, etc. cannot be used as evidence enough to just say oh ok then THEREFORE Sunday is really the seventh day of the week and therefore the REAL Sabbath.

    Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening) is not just a “Jewish” thing and not a “man made” law (sources??). What day do you think that Yeshua (Jesus) kept? Sunday??? I want to follow in his lead.

    Please share with us some more of the homework that you did yourself in order that we can understand where you are coming from better. As you said, Iron sharpens Iron. Blessings to you Sister.
    BTW I live in Costa Rica and most calendars here begin with Sunday as the first day of the week and this is a Catholic country. Food for thought.

    • Jesus kept the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week. So do I.

      I also see calendars that begin with Sunday, so that is one way to look at it, certainly.

      But the Commandment was not, in any of the translations I have read, to keep the Sabbath on some specific day of some specific
      (man-made) calendar system (since none is specifically ordained in Scripture). It is explained – in Scripture – as working for six days and resting on the seventh following the pattern of God’s work in creation.

      Taking *that* logically, if someone’s regular work schedule was to work from Thursday through Tuesday, it would be perfectly correct and acceptable for them to honor the Sabbath on Wednesday – the seventh day of their week, following six days of work.

      So I do not believe Jews or Torah-observant Believers are wrong. I only believe that for the life and schedule we (our house) practice, the proper observance is on Sunday.

      And in spite of the ongoing criticism and your throwing back “iron sharpens iron,” you have offered nothing in Scripture that sheds any more light on this question…

  5. My kids (and the kids I taught in Kindergarten) all start (as the calendars do) with Sunday as the first day of the week. All the silly sing-song ways of learning the days of the week (3 I know of) all start with Sunday, so that’s how my kids say it.

    Jim and I struggle with this whole issue because his “weekend” is supposed to be Wednesday/Thursday (however, sometimes he gets called in to work on those days as well). Not taking a day of rest is exhausting for him and for our whole family. I think an entire day of rest and focus on God and who He is is the most crucial part of why God gave us the Sabbath. He wants us to follow his example. He knows we physically and spiritually need it. I get food ready before our day of rest, the house, dishes, laundry and shopping are done. The day after our day of rest, I’ve got a lot of dishes piled up in the kitchen!

    I wonder when the Sabbath for the teachers of God’s word is? When is their day of rest. Preaching, counseling, etc is work, as well. I’ve talked to some pastors before and one told me that Monday is his day of rest.

  6. This is something that many people seem to struggle with. I have been practicing on Saturdays. I haven’t done any in-depth scholarly research, but I do know that our current “world” is built upon numerous pagan customs and beliefs including the names of the days of the week and of all days, worshiping on a ‘Sun’day seems to be the least favorable. Also looking back to the time of the Romans and the use of Christianity for power, the Sabbath day was changed to Sunday to gain more followers.

    Might also want to look into Christmas and Birthdays while you’re at it.

    We all need to seek and search for answers and having a resource and ability to converse like this is invaluable. Thank you for your site and sharing your experiences, it’s very encouraging to read your story and witness your trials and strives to live a better life and to be able to relate. Its easy to get discouraged while those around you make you, but feel like a freak, but your sharing is somewhat inspirational. Something as simple as natural shampoo (i know it’s another post, but completely relate-able and rosemary tea is a good rinse! Rosemary is hardy and great in homemade bread)

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