Dec 062010

Seven Days in a Dress – are you ready to join us on this journey?

To read my introduction and guidelines, head back a few posts, or just click for the Take the Challenge! post.

As you probably know, we already wear skirts full-time, so that part of it is not as much of a “challenge” for us. We are excited to host this event, though, since this is a cause we feel so strongly about. I am also making a bit of a personal challenge to add a little more variety and pizazz to my wardrobe this week (when you see how bland it still is, you’ll laugh at the idea that this is more variety!).

Since I wanted to post my post each day while I typically have a moment – first thing in the morning… and since Jewel, the lighting, and I are not typically all ready to photograph until later in the day… I decided to do my photos a day ahead. In other words, I took a picture of us yesterday, which will appear today. This afternoon I will document today’s outfits, but that will actually appear in tomorrow’s post.

So here are Jewel and I in our “Sunday Go To Meetin’” clothes:

I’m sorry for the poor exposure. I didn’t look at the picture until after we were all changed into our pajamas! Lesson learned…

Miss Jewel is wearing a lovely long-sleeved dress with a green velveteen bodice and a creme skirt with layers of tulle over a solid lining. She completes the outfit with white tights and shoes. Her hair, hiding in this photo, is in a bun, with a flounce of creme ribbons nicely matching her skirt.

Tiffany is wearing a black skirt with a red and white rose print and a long-sleeved black mock-turtleneck (extra warm because it’s a nursing top, so two layers!). A cotton slip/petticoat, black tights, black Santia shoes, a coordinating watch, and a black lace covering veil over a bun complete the outfit.

Honestly, we were caught off-guard Sunday morning by the cold. Having lived the past three years in South Florida, I was fortunate to be able to find a warm top, and some extra layers for the bottom.

It’s still cold today – maybe it’s actually winter? – so we’ll see what else I can find!

Are you joining us? If you’re blogging about your Challenge, please share your link so that we can all enjoy each others’ adventures, and learn from one another – iron sharpens iron!

You may use the Linky whether you’re “on time” with our week in December, or joining us later… Just post your entry here whenever you have your “Day 1″!

I look forward to reading your entries, and seeing you back here tomorrow!

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