Dec 092010

Seven Days in a Dress. It’s never too late to begin your own Challenge!

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Today is another work-around-the-house day, so not a fashion spectacular. I hope some of you young ladies with prettier clothes will post your photos for all of us to enjoy!

The denim jumper makes an encore appearance! Tiffany is wearing it with a navy blue and grey shirt, a navy head covering, navy blue knee socks (“Look, Ma! I got some cute winter socks!”), and – here they are – the sneakers. Hey, they have blue on them, so they match, right??

Jewel is wearing a lovely black and white herringbone dress, with black tights, and her crazy pink tennis-shoe-boots (she’s five, so we accept these things). She especially wanted to show off the hairstyle she did for herself today: a ponytail with additional rubber-band decorations down the length.

Not having appropriate winter clothing has made this challenge actually a challenge for me. Someone with more disposable income might choose to go buy a few items to add to their wardrobe and more easily overcome such obstacles.

But I guess what I want to say to any of you who are facing obstacles in your journey is this – if you wait to begin your trip until all the traffic lights between you and your destination are green, you’ll never leave your driveway. Just take that first step, in faith…

Come share the journey, and support our Sisters – Iron sharpens iron! Using the link tool below, you can share the link to your blog post, or to a public photo or album – hopefully this version will allow a thumbnail of one of your photos to be displayed, as well.

  3 Responses to “The Challenge: Day 4”

  1. Just wanted to say I love Jewel’s dress, it’s so cute (also, I’m a sucker for gingham). I’m also struggling with winter clothes – I’m saving money to order some tall knit socks & warmwear leggings for winter, because it got really cold here all of a sudden. Once I find my camera, I might take the challenge myself.

    As far as the pink shoes, why stop at age 5? I’m almost 30 and I have a pair of hot pink tennis shoe boots (heels even) around here somewhere. I’m also tempted to go with some of the rainbow or tie dyed stockings just to add variety (most of my dresses are plain solid colors or very basic patterns). No reason modesty can’t be fun too. :)

    • I’m working on getting a bit more “fun” into my own wardrobe, so I’m not going to disagree with you at all!

      I think as I have groped my way along this path I have erred on the side of overdoing the (correct) desire to not be flashy or draw attention to myself for vanity’s sake… Now I am searching for a little balance.

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