Dec 112010

Seven Days in a Dress. It’s never too late to begin your own Challenge!

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Today’s photo shows us – in profile! The bright sun was tormenting us, so we told it to “talk to the back”!

Tiffany is wearing a denim skirt (note that this is not the same as the denim jumper!), a navy/green/brown/cream striped sweater, a navy head covering, and brown socks and shoes.

Jewel also has on a denim skirt. She’s wearing a brown long-sleeved t-shirt under a pink sweater, with pink tights and brown boots. The pink knit cap is a popular item lately, too – she also has gloves! I’m sorry you can’t see the tights or the shirt layering in the photo… It’s really very cute!

Okay, hold on…

Well, at least you can see the tights!

So, how are you feeling? We’ve come most of the way through a week already… Was it harder or easier than you thought?

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  5 Responses to “The Challenge – Day 6”

  1. still in a skirt. I haven’t graduated to a “dress” I have always had a hard time finding dresses that fit me right. When I was thin, and even now at (well not thin) I have always needed 1-2 sizes larger in the top that bottom. So a dress has to be bigger than needbe to fit my bust. So skirts it is. Kinda enjoying this, but I only have 3 or 4 so I am going to have to get my sewing machine working and get busy if I want any real choices.

  2. I’ve never been able to make “nursing” dresses work for me, so skirts it is. :) I applaud you who can make your own. Sewing requires too much concentration for me to do it and parent at the same time!

    • I have trouble enough finding a DRESS that fits, never mind with nursing features!

      I have recently discovered a simpler option, though, with nursing jumpers!

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