Dec 122010

Join us on the journey – Seven Days in a Dress.

Here’s the links to the history, so you can read any of the previous installments:
Take the Challenge! (Introduction)
Day 1 (Sunday “Go To Meetin’ Clothes”)
Day 2 (Shoe Musings)
Day 3 (Family Photos)
Day 4 (Work Day)
Day 5
Day 6

Today is thus actually the eighth of nine postings for our seven days. The Introduction preceded it, and we will follow up tomorrow with the review and reflection…

As I mentioned, I am photographing the outfits one day ahead, for ease of posting – so this is actually Saturday’s outfits. I am also preparing this post Saturday, as we will of course be celebrating Sabbath tomorrow. Nick will be singing with the Youth Choir, so it should be any extra joy-filled service!

Tiffany is wearing a cotton print jumper (which is really, really NOT winter attire!) with a coordinating light blue long sleeved blouse. White head covering, socks, and Keds-like shoes complete the outfit.

Jewel is wearing a fun new (to us) winter jumper, with a white long-sleeved shirt, woolly tights, and black boots. She has colorful rubber bands in her ponytail, and a bright red headband.

Enjoy your Sabbath in a skirt… You are honoring the femininity with which the Lord blessed you!

Please use the linky to share a link to your blog post, a public photo, or an album – along with a thumbnail photo. We can all use some support and inspiration along the way!

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  1. I decided I would try do modest and still pull off stylish. Actually worked, got so many compliments today, from women and men. Guess I got it right. I put together a Black A-line skirt that came just to the bottom of my knees with Black pattern tights, black ankle boots and a ruffly flower print top. It was low cut so I have a black tank-ish thing under.

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