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Seven Days in a Dress… Time to reflect on the journey!

Here’s the links to the history, so you can read any of the previous installments:
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For starters, I’m going to step through the excellent questions that are posted at the Challenge’s home, Feelin’ Feminine. These are not as exciting or thought-provoking for me as they might be for someone doing the Challenge from a standpoint of not being accustomed to wearing skirts all the time…

  • How was the experience for you?
  • I was challenged by the suddenly chilly weather, which we were not entirely prepared for. It forced me to find a way to get through the situation, while maintaining my commitment to modest, feminine dress.

  • Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect:
  • The way you felt about yourself?
  • This week did not change that, as I have been full-time in skirts for quite a while. But it definitely does remind me always that I am a woman, and gloriously different from a man!

  • The way you acted?
  • It does change the way I act somewhat, as it reminds me of my femininity. It serves as a nudge that I do not need to put on a show of feminist virtues… I graciously allow men to open doors for me, assist me with packages, and open stuck jars. It’s God plan, and it’s wonderful!

  • The way you carried yourself?
  • This, too, changes when I think of myself as a feminine lady in a flowing (even if not so much!) skirt, rather than just potentially trudging around in pants.

  • Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as pants?
  • I have found absolutely no occasion where my activities were limited by my skirt as opposed to pants. I see this as a totally fabricated excuse/issue.

    Jewel rides her spring horse, jumps on the trampoline, rides a bicycle, and climbs jungle-gyms.

    Our fore-mothers did far more strenuous work than most of us will ever be asked to do – keeping a homestead without any modern conveniences, taming the wilderness of the frontier, and on and on…

  • How did people respond?
  • I have made an interesting observation about this.

    Before I was saved, before marriage and children, I dressed in a typical worldly “attractive” fashion. I enjoyed the attention that I received from men, and the fact that I always got good service, doors were held open for me, etc.

    When I was a frazzled new mom, I did not take as good care of myself as I should. And when I was newly saved, I began to understand the basic principles of modesty. The result was something entirely, let’s face it, frumpy. There was a season of my life when no man looked twice at me, and I opened all my own doors.

    But when I truly began to try to understand God’s design for femininity, things shifted yet again. I am still overweight, and I still do not dress in a sensually “attractive” manner. But I do dress in a distinctly feminine manner, and in a humble manner (head covering, etc.). And do you know what? I am again accorded respect from men. Young men at the oil change place are eager to help me, and people regularly do me such courtesies as opening doors.

    Like “magic,” I have obtained the same results as the earlier “sexy” dressing – while maintaining my dignity and honoring the Lord!

  • After the challenge do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again?
  • There is no question that “skirts only” is the rule, for me and my house.

What about you?

I hope you’ll think about these questions, and any other observations you may have made during your Seven Days in a Dress. If you’d care to share, it would help us all on our journey to be able to share our wisdom with one another…

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  1. I’m wondering about head coverings. I understand that they are chosen to wear as obedience to 1 Corinthians. I’m wondering if wearing a cloth covering is required. I understand that the man is the head of the woman and Christ the head of the man. If a woman does not not submit herself to a man either her father or husband, that is what is shameful. And is makes mention of hair to be long on a woman and not on a man, but there is no mention of a cloth or hat to cover the head. It also mentions a woman’s head being “shaved” which was a punishment for a woman who fornicated in the culture of the time. I guess my question is, do you wear a head covering as an outward symbol of your submisiveness or as a requirement of modesty?

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