Dec 182010

Just as the nations need someone to go and share with them the Gospel… Children need to see the normal nursing relationship to learn that it is, in fact, the normal way to feed a baby.

As you know, I rarely post something here that just says “go read someone else’s post” … But, well, when someone has written a post that so eloquently sums up the things I say about this topic often and vehemently, it only makes sense that I share that with you rather than trying to reinvent the wheel!

With that in mind, I highly reccomend that you check out this post on the Nursing Freedom blog: Why Children Should Witness Breastfeeding in Public.

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  1. I bf my three blessings for a minimum of a full year (stopped with my first at a year due to pressure from others). Over 2 years with the last one (and would have tandem nursed the middle one along with the new baby if it wasn’t for having to stop 4 months into pregnancy due to the painful contractions I was having while nursing). Unfortunately my oldest (16) still thinks it’s weird and gross. I’m hoping he’ll change his mind if he marries and his wife is blessed with a baby. So many young moms are pressured to bottle feed supposedly because it’s easier. I’m convinced that part of the problem is they’re young, impressionable, insecure and convinced that breasts are for men and nothing else. I hope society changes quickly back to breastfeeding, natural birthing, etc. Our babies and moms are missing out on such an great experience.

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