Mar 072011

“January?” you ask…

Well, I confess things got off to a rather muddled start this year. We spent almost the entire month of January with some or all of us some or all the way ill… Not a lot got done beyond survival mode, and it is taking me a while to catch up.

You may remember back at the beginning of the year I made a list of 12 DIY Projects to Try in 2011 – one for each month.

I didn’t blog about it, but I actually did complete the project for January – sewing a blind hem.

I started by putting off anything scary by doing far too much research, including watching a ton of videos on YouTube. These are three of my favorites:

I already had a blind hem foot in the accessory box for my sewing machine, and I had picked up thread to match the pants already.

Then I just had to convince myself that there was nothing for it but to jump in.

I made several blind hems on a test scrap, and discovered that it’s really not so hard, once the “I get it” clicks into place. Unfortunately, for my first real project, I got a bit of extra challenge because the pants were just barely long enough on Wolf, so I was trying to make as small a hem as possible.

First I turned the hem up (inside), and pressed it.

Then off to the sewing machine…

Here’s two views of the finished hem – lighting adjusted so that you can see it better, or so that it blends away as intended.

And you can also see the results on my handsome model at the top of the post!

Keep your eye out for the slightly-less-belated February post coming soon, and then March will get us back on track, Lord willing…

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