Apr 022011

Because we don’t know what we’re doing with this whole “gardening” project, we put almost all of our seeds in the ground at once. It was late enough for even the most delicate plants to be safe from frost, so there was nothing holding us back.

Usually, of course, some of these things could have been planted long since. Since we are well past our “last frost” date, we are probably as much as a month behind on getting started.

Also, both “square foot” and “row” gardeners would ideally have on hand some framed covers, to keep your newest plantings protected from harsh weather.

Well, we were called to task for all of our un-preparedness at one time, when the weather forecast came in for two days of thunderstorms last week.

We didn’t have ANY covers made… and even if we had, we certainly wouldn’t have had enough to cover ALL of our plants!

So, we improvised.

We turned a paint bucket upside-down over the strawberry plant, to protect it as the only thing above-ground.

Then we covered the beds with whatever we could scrounge out of the garage – the rain flap from a pup tent, the tarp-like top of a screen room, etc. The edges were weighted down with the pipes that were standing by to become trellises.

After two days of worry, we were able to uncover the beds.

The strawberry plant is growing happily, producing new flowers, and even its first baby berry!

Most of the other plants we have to no way to “check on,” but the beds look undisturbed, so we have to hope things are still developing well.

We do have our first shoots peeking up – onions…

…and a teeny, tiny marigold!

It’s reassuring to know for sure that at least something is growing!

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  1. Congrats! My seeds are still in the mail and the garden in the planning stages, but we’ve got a month before the last frost date. I’m hoping to get a few things started indoors soon, but then they’ll probably all die from shock when I put them out in the wind. Jim just bought a cheap composter thing from sams club and I put that together and started filling it last night. I’m so excited to start gardening again. Each year will become a bit easier and someday you’ll be a master gardener!

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