Apr 302011

Well, our little garden is just over a month old, and there’s a lot going on!

The Good

Wolf is putting up the trellis frames. since our little plants are getting tall enough to need the encouragement. We’re using salvaged pipe for the sides, and a pressure-treated board across the top, then I’ll tie the guides with twine.

We also removed the “grids” we’d made to keep our square feet separated until the plants were visible enough to be able to tell. Did I mention that those were made from foraged cane that we cut in a vacant lot down the street?

We also have some happy recent additions to the garden.

This little herb garden (four different varieties of basil, plus dill) is from the over-abundance of sprouts a 4H friend was trying to adopt out.

We also have a baby Blue Spruce tree, courtesy of Lowes’ Earth Day promotion.

And look at the pretty little flowers my bush beans have sprouted:

The Bad

Yeah, nice, huh? That is… or was… my watermelon plant.

Not quite sure where to go with that one.

The Ugly


The aphids apparently really think Thomas Jefferson’s cowpeas are tasty.

Obviously, I’m not running out to grab any toxic chemicals to spray on the little nasties. I’m looking into diatomaceous earth, as well as some essential oil options, thanks to suggestions from my wise gardener friends on Facebook. I’ll keep you posted…

  5 Responses to “Garden Update: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

  1. There’s a possibility that the watermelon plant might still grow, so don’t rip it out. It kinda depends on the plant. Some of my perennials came back after being devoured, but they had a good root system, too. If you’ve got more seeds, you may want to plant a couple more if you can keep the critters away from them.

    My garden consists of 4 egg cartons with little tomato sprouts in them (about 10 up so far) that I’ve got sitting in a clear plastic tub (fake greenhouse). Our last frost date is mid May, so hopefully my tomatoes and peppers (still nothing coming up from them yet) will be ready by then.

  2. I can’t say enough good things about DE. Get some. It works GREAT! You can even use if for bugs around the house. It rips them to shreds. We even use it for food storage as we store grains and rice in 5 gallon buckets. Sprinkle a little on top and mix it in and any nasties that happen to hatch in the bucket from eggs in the grains will meet a quick doom.

    Just make sure you get the food grade kind as some of the other grades of DE can be harmful to you as they do indeed go through a chemical process. The food grade DE is completely natural.

  3. Love your little herb pot. Good luck with keeping the buggies away!

  4. I’ll see if I can get you some of my dad’s stuff…he makes and sells homemade compost tea and may have something for aphids…it’s worth a try.

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