Jun 082011

I have enough shopping bags that I can usually take care of all my grocery shopping, especially since it is now more often split up between the Commissary and the Farmer’s Market… Did I mention that the most wonderful ones ever are on Etsy, from Hillbilly Creations? She has listings with new as well as upcycled fabrics, or she can custom-upcycle from your items!

ANYHOW, I’ve almost gotten into the habit of always having the bags with me, and that’s all feeling pretty settled.

So now other things are starting to occur to me.

1. When we went up to visit family over Memorial Day, I packed our church clothes and shoes. Usually, I put each shoe (or each pair, depending) in a plastic grocery bag, to keep the suitcase and clothes clean. What do I use for that?

My same shopping totes would work, of course – although that didn’t occur to me at the time, for some reason.

2. We also use the plastic shopping bags for cleaning the cat box. It’s much more convenient to be able to clean the cat box without, for instance, taking it outside to the trash can. Plus, who wants the stinky cat litter sitting around making the trash can gross?

3. And what about produce? Bananas or pineapples can be free-floating, but it would be much easier to have a bag to contain the peaches, plums, or tomatoes… and when things are sold by weight, you don’t want to use a big (heavy) cloth tote!

Presumably, I want something like these (set of 3, from 3BBags.com)?

Anyone have any good suggestions, for these situations, or other “next steps”?

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