Jul 072011

Read about the beginning of our natural deodorant adventure HERE.

Looking at the date I first wrote about natural deodorant made me realize that it’s been SIX MONTHS now. There have been several interesting developments that I wanted to share with you – at least if you consider anything about deodorant interesting!

One of the first things was giving up on the store-bought deodorant stick dispenser.

Fist of all, it’s not made for that kind of use. After a refill or two, the pusher-upper stopped pushing – the threads had stripped.

Secondly, it’s not really, really suited for this product. Your “Secret” doesn’t turn to liquid if it gets a little warm in your bathroom…

My first through was that it was “a bother” to scoop some of the mixture out with my fingers and smear it on my underarms. After all, then I also had to wash off my hand.

Wow, really?

I had no idea I was that much of a prima donna!

Then I ran across a great quote. Someone shared on Facebook, so I’m not sure this is an exact quote, and I have no source… But I like it!

Simple living does not mean removing all complexities.
It means focusing your energy on the complexities that matter.

No, mixing up the deodorant is not quite as simple as buying a tube of that stuff at the store.

No, applying it turns out not to be as simple as swiping some on from that tube.

But… it’s better. It’s more wholesome. It even is, in the grand scheme of life, a more simple – straightforward – product.

So, I continue.

And Wolf got on the bandwagon, as well, with trepidation.

He has used deodorant spray for many years, because stick deodorant clogged his pores and caused under-arm irritation.

Besides, he hates coconut. I don’t say “hate” much… I think it applies here.

The verdict?

A new convert!

He is not bothered by the scent. He does not have irritation or clogged pores. And apparently it’s getting the job done.

Oh, and he totally agrees with my rambling thoughts on the “complexity” of creating and applying it. ;)

  2 Responses to “Natural Deodorant Follow-Up”

  1. I love it, too! I gave up on the Secret container about a month ago and put it in a tiny container. I was afraid it’d start melting soon, which it did about 2 weeks ago. My girls like making it for themselves and wear it (well, one is wearing it, the other will be soon, I’m sure.) My mom even tried it a couple times while visiting. No male converts in my house yet, they don’t want to try my new all-natural stuff. I also discovered I like a little less coconut oil in it, cuz right now it’s got a clear layer I have to mix with my finger and I like something a little less liquid to spread on. :)

  2. I just have to say both me and my husband are using the Natural deodorant .We both have notice we no longer have a smell under our arms LOL . I emptyed out an old roll on bottle popped the ball out of the top with a butter knife washed it out and filled it with ours it works great for us.
    Thanks again for this
    A Couple of us
    not stinking in florida

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