Sep 252011

Jesus signIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know we’ve been struggling with finding a church we feel comfortable calling “home.”

At one of the churches we visited, we heard the story of how they (relatively recently) got started:

Three families, convicted about certain beliefs, began meeting for “home church” in someone’s living room. Over time, like-minded people heard what they were doing, and joined in. Soon, they needed to rent a building to have enough room – and also had the resources to do so.

We decided that this may be where we are. It doesn’t seem that there is a church nearby that will meet our needs… But surely there are other like-minded people. It’s just a matter of finding them.

In explaining this to our children, I used this analogy:

Imagine that we’re in a big crowd of people – like at the Zoo. Out of all those people there, we want to find the other people in the crowd who really like the color blue – but how do we know who they are? It would be really hard, and take a really long time, to go up to every single person there and ask them if they liked the color blue. Instead I might stand at one edge of the crown and hold up a big sign that says, “Come join us if you like BLUE!” Then, all the like-minded (blue-liking) people will see the sign, and they will make their way through the crowd to us.

So it goes with our Home Church idea.

At this point it’s just an idea. We’re in our own living room. There is no ordained pastoral leadership. The “church-to-be” is not yet a registered non-profit organization.

But we are convicted about these issues… So we are going to “hold up our sign.”

Wolf and I will both be blogging about the things we believe, that are be the basis on this Home Church. To see them all, click to see posts labeled “We Believe” in the left sidebar menu of post topics.

There will probably also be a Page to aggregate the list, but for now this seems like a workable way to at least make a beginning – to “hold up our sign” so that others can respond as they feel led.

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