Sep 282011

Wolf can’t hear stuff… Which is not overall a funny thing, but it certainly does lead to some funny moments.

He’s not deaf, or even particularly hard of hearing – except for certain specifics.

  • He has trouble “picking out” a conversational voice over background noise.
  • And he’s tone-deaf over certain higher-pitched frequencies

So we were sitting in the kitchen, and he was idly shaking his leg – he’s one of those people. But it was causing our “chuck wagon” (have you heard about our favorite piece of furniture?) to squeak at the hinges with each little bounce.

When I finally asked him to stop, he looked at me like I was crazy… He couldn’t hear the noise at all!

It reminded us all of the funniest “tone deaf” story ever.

Our family had gone up to visit Tom and Wanda.

Wolf’s dad likes tools as much as the next guy, and wanted to show off some of his new gadgets. He complained that he had been looking forward to trying a fancy new stud-finder that he’s just purchased, but either he couldn’t figure it out, or it didn’t work.

He demonstrated swiping it along the wall. A little light went on, and it beeped intermittently. We weren’t paying much attention as Tom and Wolf talked about it, and Wolf messed with it and also swiped it on the wall with similar results.

Finally they announced to us that it much be broken. It seemed to light up, but it was also supposed to make a noise to indicated the stud’s location.

After a moment of wondering if we were in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” I had to ask,

So, it’s not that annoying beeping noise that it’s making?

I wish I’d had a camera! Wolf and Tom looked at each other, then at the device, then back at each other, and over at us…

Both of them apparently had the same frequency tone-deaf spot, and neither heard the device’s beeps at all!

Sorry for the lack of attribution, I found the photo randomly on the ‘net, with no photo credit. If you know, please let me know!

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