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Family Worship
The Reformed Baptist Church is a Calvinist group, so not preaching we can comfortably sit under.

But they seem to be the best match we have found for the way we believe the church was intended to be on a personal, family, social level.

I’d like to copy some text from the website of a Reformed Baptist church where we’ve spent some time. This was a wonderful experience, and we related to these people on so many levels.

Here’s is their “About Us” description [church name removed]:

- THIS Church is a congregation of the people of God who deeply reverence the Word of God and seeks to establish all our teachings and activities around the inspired text. The Word of God establishes our message, guides our worship, and governs our mission.

- In order to properly glorify God and to honor the Sacred Scriptures, we preach the crucified Christ as the only means by which one can be saved; only by exalting Jesus Christ as Lord over all, and by making Him known among the nations, will we glorify the Father and thereby, fulfill the purpose for our existence.

- THIS Church is committed to the biblical and historical theology of the Protestant Reformation. We eagerly affirm that Scripture alone is the guide for life and faith, salvation is by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and will be for God’s glory alone. We believe these are the emphases of Evangelical Christianity.

- We are committed to uniting church and family. HERE you will be encouraged to remain together as a family during the worship service. We believe that church will be a major part of our children’s lives therefore we bring them into the worship service instead of sending them to a nursery. We also encourage and equip parents to teach their children the Bible through instruction at home.

- We are a homeschool friendly congregation. Many of our families homeschool their children and at THIS Church you will find encouragement and support in this endeavor.

This is lovely! See, I just snipped out that one point they had about predestination, and everything is fine.

And on the next page, their “Beliefs”:

The Supremacy of God Over All Things
• High View Of GOD: We proclaim a God-exalting theology, God-centered worldview, and God-glorifying approach to life and ministry.
• GOD-honoring Worship: We cultivate a transcendent worship which produces the fear of God and great joy.
• GOD-driven Convictions: We promote a passion for God’s holy name and a defense of His glorious reputation.

The Sufficiency of Scripture in All of Life
• Divine Revelation: We affirm the full inspiration, complete inerrancy, and total infallibility of Scripture.
• Biblical Authority: We uphold that the Scripture alone is ultimately authoritative for the life of the church and for every believer.
• Full Counsel Of GOD: We acknowledge that the Scripture is sufficient for all matters of life and godliness, including equipping the saints for spiritual growth, guidance, counseling, and ministry.
• Expository Preaching: We insist that the Scripture should be preached and taught in the power of the Holy Spirit, giving careful attention to sound doctrine and defense of the faith.

Again, we just run into one sticky matter, “The Sovereignty of God in All Aspects of Salvation”. Even on those points, it is entirely possible to read or interpret them in a way which gives no offense. Yet, somehow…

The debate about Calvinism I will leave for another day. Today I want to remain focused on the social dynamics of these conservative churches that are, in many cases, other Baptist denominations.

It was particularly hard for me, perhaps, to let go of this church, since I often find myself feeling isolated in my Christian walk as a conservative, homeschooling, homemaking mom. Having an extended lunch and fellowship time with a group of (largely) like-minded women was really a blessing to me.

Socially, this is right where we are.

Sorry for the lack of attribution, I found the photo randomly on the ‘net, with no photo credit. If you know, please let me know!

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