Dec 152011

I hardly know how to “tag” this post, since I don’t really have a category for “silly, personal stories.” Be that as it may, that’s what you get today.

Wolf turned 50 on Sunday. Quite a milestone!

We’ve talked it up and sung, “Happy Birthday” dozens of times, beginning on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Sunday, his actual birthday, after church, we did our family festivities – Captain America themed decor, a steak dinner, and a Guinness Chocolate Cake (which I must admit tasted better than I’d feared).

But Monday night was the real triumph.

Wolf had mentioned (okay, a lot) that he had “always” envisioned having a party for his 50th birthday. You know, not just a family celebration, but a PARTY.

Unfortunately, our life right now doesn’t really lend itself to that. The house isn’t unpacked and settled in enough to entertain, we don’t have the budget for a big shin-dig, many of our friends and family are geographically remote, and of course – his wife is a bit asocial, and would never, ever dream of trying to throw a party.

And certainly not a surprise party.


I did.

We had a Dutch-treat dinner at nearby Logan’s Steakhouse.

I told Wolf that we’d be taking him out for dinner for his birthday, so I could explain my desire to have him dressed up and on a set schedule. He just had no idea that there were friends and decorations there waiting for him!

There are times I thought I would never survive the process – problems with getting in touch with people to invite, problems with the cake order, problems with people cancelling at the last minute, problems with keeping this much secret in a house with little kids…

But somehow, we did it. He says he really, truly had no idea.

Half a Century.

Now he’s officially a wise guy, right?

Happy Birthday, Wolf. We love you more than you can possibly know, and are so grateful that the Lord gave us such an amazing husband and father!

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  1. Hey I recognize the back of two of those heads! Glad we were actually able to make it and help celebrate Wolf’s 50 years!

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