Mar 292012

What, you don’t think this is a fitness blog??

Okay, it’s not. But (a) I do care about your health and well-being, and (b) as a former fitness model and personal trainer, I do have some idea what I’m talking about in this area.

With that out of the way, let me tell you about the wonderful book that I recently had the opportunity to review (and you now have the opportunity to win!):

Yes, it’s Day THREE of the As For My House Holy Week Giveaway Bonanza!

What? A bunch of blog giveaways aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “holy” or “Easter”?

I know… But I wanted to share my joy with you at this time of year, and share gifts in honor of the Greatest Gift of All that Christ gave us.

There will be five giveaways, each lasting for a week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

As you may not know, if you haven’t delved into the murky “about us” back-story posted here somewhere, I used to be a fitness model and personal trainer. I was also very involved in mentoring women on their fitness journey, through various online communities which sprung up around the “Body for Life Physique Transformation Challenge”.

I stopped working as a trainer because of time conflicts with my family responsibilities, and of course I would not compete these days due to the immodest apparel and attitudes involved. But none of that means that I think being in shape is a bad idea!

For a long time, the book and concept of Body for Life has been the defining product out there, in my opinion. It doesn’t have any fads, or “magic pill” solutions – just a sensible, healthy eating and exercise plan. It was the book I’d recommend to anyone who talked about getting in shape.

Well, the time has come.

There’s a new kid in town, and he’s taking over the “King of the Hill” spot!

Dustin’s book is without question the best resource out there for a woman (or anyone!) looking to get in shape. It combines a common-sense approach to healthy eating and exercise, with all the latest research available to improve the effectiveness of your diet and training.

There is an emphasis on real, wholesome food over “supplements” and “replacements”, which is very important to me (and in fact I think this is the one area in which he might have gone even further).

Strength training is combined with highly efficient “burst training” cardio – no boring hours on the stairmaster here! Dustin also addresses ways to strengthen your body with various physical limitations, and of course busts all the still-too-common myths about strength training for women.

A nice addition to the book is the success stories interspersed throughout. Real women, sharing their real challenges and journeys – and triumphs. A few look like bikini calendar girls, but most of them do not – there is probably someone in the book with whom nearly every reader can identify.

There’s also more information, and a newsletter, available on the Dustin Maher Fitness website, as well as community on the Fit Moms for Life and I Love Being a Mom Facebook pages.

FIVE STARS. This is a book that every woman interested in being more healthy, energetic, and “in shape” should read. Absolutely.

And now you can win a copy of Fit Moms for Life! Enter below…

I received a copy of the book for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review has not been approved or edited by anyone. Fit Moms for Life is providing the prize for this giveaway, shipped directly to the winner.
I was “disclosing” before it was cool. See my Review Policy for the full scoop.

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  1. I like their many quotes on their FB page! I especially liked this one:

  2. I like that the emphasis isn’t to be thin, but to be healthy.

  3. Fit moms for life looks like such an encouraging site!

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