May 012012

Seven years ago today… was a LOOONG day!

We had planned a home birth, and things progressed rapidly in the morning. But just before we expected her to come any minute, progress stopped (but the painful contractions didn’t).

After trying everything known to, well, woman, our midwife transferred us to the hospital (a 30+ minute drive). Thank God that her backup doc was the one on the floor, so we were not immediately confronted with a C-section battle.

People may see me as “opposed to medical intervention in birth,” but what I am opposed to is “UNNECESSARY medical intervention.” Medical intervention saved one or both of us from a very bad outcome seven years ago, and allowed me to give birth to my beautiful daughter, Jewel.

Her grandma (my mom) caught her, we nursed right away, and a few hours later we were home with our whole family cuddled up in bed.

  • Thank you, Lord, for the medical knowledge and help that was there when we desperately needed it.
  • Thank you for my husband, Wolf, an amazing partner and father.
  • And thank you for Jewel, who is a blessing beyond measure…

Happy 7th Birthday, Jewel!

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