May 042012

Most people have at least heard of an “envelope budgeting” system.

It’s been around pretty much since envelopes were invented, probably, and has been popularized by Dave Ramsey.

You can stash your cash in regular paper envelopes, or you can pick up something like this nifty cloth envelope set I found on Etsy.

There are also various online budgeting programs to help track spending. The one that most closely mirrors this system, though, is Mvelopes.

I’ve wanted to try using Mvelopes for a while now, but couldn’t get past the idea of paying a monthly fee. (Their “free version” is so limited as to be pointless).

But the wise and wonderful Mary Hunt of Debt Proof Living got together with the Mvelopes folks to offer a totally free basic account. Read about it on the Debt Proof Living Blog.

It still has limits, and they still offer the upgrade to the Premium membership – but this is a fully functional account. It even includes a “jump start” phone coaching session to help you get started.

This is not a sponsored post, and I have no affiliate interest in any of the products mentioned. Just sharing a good deal I found on a tool I am beginning to use myself!

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