Jul 102012

I wanted to share with you about an adorable little book that I won in a giveaway from Father Geek (read his review here) – Nerni Invents Clock.

Nerni the gnome loves to invent things, but when she invents an intelligent clock, things don’t go according to plan! Nerni Invents Clock is a picture book designed to be read to 0-4 year olds.

Or, of course, for slightly older kids to read themselves!

The language is simple, and repetitive in a pleasant way. The artwork is likewise very simple and uncluttered. The story is very creative, and the characters are cute. It’s just plain fun and appealing.

My kids really enjoyed the story of Nerni and her clock, and there is much imaginary gnome play after each time it’s read.

You can pick up a copy for your little gnomes on Amazon:

And now Todd Edwards has a new book out for Nerni fans – Nerni’s Ingenious Inventions!

This is a bit longer book, with four separate Nerni tales:

Mice Trouble
Cold Tea
Flying Goblin, and
Og’s New Roaster

It is intended for a slightly older audience, with the author suggesting reading it to your 2-5 year old.

As adults, we found these stories to be pleasant enough, if not quite as engaging as the original. The language and artwork were the same delightful style at the first book, making it fun to read.

The kids were delighted, and the alliterative phrase “Gnome named Nerni” (which is repeated in each story) must have been chanted a thousand times…

Now one of our lucky As For My House readers will win an autographed copy of Nerni’s Ingenious Inventions, and another will win an autographed copy of Nerni Invents Clock, directly from the author!

I received a copy of one book for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review has not been approved or edited by anyone. Todd Edwards is providing the prizes for this giveaway, shipped directly to the winners.
I was “disclosing” before it was cool. See my Review Policy for the full scoop.

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  6 Responses to “Nerni – Book(s) Review and Giveaway”

  1. I found out about the fun books of Nerni and friends adventures. My kids will surely enjoy them!

  2. Hi Tiffany! Thanks for posting the review! I make the books based on whatever level books my eldest daughter is reading at the time, so expect book 3 to have longer stories than book 2. I’m hoping to have it ready in time for Christmas. It is fun to have the Nerni books grow up with my daughter. 🙂

    Michelle, I hope your kids love Nerni! The 1st book is now on Kindle: http://amzn.com/B008KKD3M4 and I’m working on the 2nd. Keep an eye on my site for other news: http://www.nerniandfriends.com/

    By the way, the reason the stories all start out repetitive is that I make the stories up on the spot. My daughter tells me “I want a story with Nerni and Piki Wiki and Pinecone and cookies”. I tell the boiler plate intro to buy me time while I think of the plot beginning. Then the rest I make up as I go along. Story improvisation is tough but fun. Most stories aren’t great, but I’ve told so many that I have plenty that worked. My best so far was a 15 minute epic with many twists and side plots, but they all tied back together in the end. I recorded myself telling it the 2nd time to preserve it. That will become the first Nerni chapter book. Probably it will be book 4.

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  4. This would make a cute gift for my little cousin.

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