Jul 222012

Have you heard of water kefir?

Here’s some great info to get you started from the Healthy Home Economist, Cultures for Health, and Keeper of the Home (her photo).

I have been reading about this fr a while, and was interested… But not willing to shell out to purchase the starter grains online, since I had no idea how it would work out.

Then I saw an ad on our local Freecycle list – someone offering starter batches of water kefir grains, since hers had multiplied. Yay!

We exchanged emails, and I learned that she was a kindred spirit. She said,

BTW, I saw your blog. We are also a gluten free, Christian, homeschooling family of wannabe homesteaders! Very cool. :)

Hopefully we will get to know her and her family better!

So I now have a batch of water kefir happily fermenting on the kitchen counter.

We’ll find out how well it works out in a couple of days…

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