Nov 202012

We are so excited to be doing an Advent devotional again this year!

Last year I purchased the inexpensive eBook Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands after reading a friend’s recommendation on Facebook.

The book has an easily broken-down shopping list of supplies – most of which are things you’re likely to have around the house anyway (or you can easily substitute for such things).

Each day has a Scripture reading, tagged to a “clue” that the kids find in their Advent Calendar (several options for how to do that).

Then there’s a fun craft project for the kids to do, along with some other discussion ideas for you to use (or not, or as you see fit).

The projects are set up to be done as a series of Christmas Tree ornaments, but for a variety of reasons, we decided not to go that route.

I basically “flattened” everything, and mounted each artwork on a sheet of paper. Then each of the kids is assembled their projects into an Advent Book (in a 3-ring binder, to give it some protection), with the idea that it can be stored away in their memory box, or enjoyed again next year, or whatever other use we can think up!

The photo is the Littles at work on Day 1 – a candle, for Jesus, the Light of the World.

We got behind and didn’t finish our books last year, so we’re looking forward to picking up where we left off.

If you’d like a copy, the book is only $7.99. And this year she’s also created a set of printable ornaments, available for $3.99.

Use these on days you’re too busy to do a big craft, for toddlers, while you’re at Grandma’s or if you just want to save a little money on supplies!

And there’s even a Black Friday Sale!

Purchase the book ( CLICK HERE ) on Friday, November 23rd, and you will receive the ornaments as a FREE BONUS!

If you take advantage of that, note the following guidelines:
1. You not have to add the ornaments to your shopping cart. If they do, you will pay for them, and there will be no refunds.
2. Within the initial “thank you” email you will receive a link to the free printable ornaments.
3. Coupon codes will be disabled on this day only. They will be reinstated bright and early Friday morn’. {eastern time}
4. Detailed instructions can be found on the book sales page ( HERE ).

The book and ornaments are, of course, available all the time, but the special sale is one day only.

I’d like to think we’ll finish this up this year… But with a trip to Disney, and our out-of-state family coming to visit, it may keep dragging on until 2013!

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  2 Responses to “Advent for Kids (and a Freebie!)”

  1. OK. I love the idea of an advent book! Do you have pics? I wanna see!

    ~ A

    • I have mostly taken pictures of the kids working on their projects, so far.

      But this is a great idea, and I will definitely take some pictures of their books and do a post on that!

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