Nov 242012

30 Days of Thankfulness

(This meme serves as a reminder to do what we are commanded to do in Scripture.)

November 24th, 2012.
Days 21-24. (Yeah, I’m behind again)

21. I am thankful for all the wonderful ministries out there, and those that serve in them.

My calling isn’t to go spread the love of Christ to children in Sri Lanka – but through World Vision I can help. My calling isn’t to share the love of Christ and the story of his birth with children all over the world, but through Operation Christmas Child I can help. The list goes on and on. Thankfully!

22. I am thankful for good food!

God could have made one kind of bland, nutritious substance that would keep us alive and healthy. Isn’t it a blessing that He created such an amazing bounty, instead?

23. I am thankful for DVDs and Netflix.

We don’t have TV service, but we sure do enjoy watching our choice of family-friendly commercial-free entertainment together!

24. I am thankful for photographs.

I have a house full of framed photos, and many, many albums. I enjoy having the “triggers” there to keep all the wonderful memories alive and close at hand.

We have such fun with our annual family photographs! This year we did a Disney theme, with local photographer Haley Zak, and had a great time!

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