May 252013

I’ve been very ill a lot over the past year, and from time to time the suggestion always pops up that I should put my kids in school – with the implication that somehow that would make my life better, or easier.

This morning I had a lovely moment of clarity.

Wolf left for work just before 6:30, as he usually does. I had propped myself up in bed, and after a while my attention was caught by children’s voices outside.

I looked out my second-story window, and watched as an intermittent parade of kids went walking down the street, gigantic backpacks on their back. Some of them I knew as my kids’ friends from the park.

A few minutes later, the big yellow bus came down the road to collect them.

About that time it started to rain.

Listening to the drumming of the rain against the window, I spared a moment of worry for the kids I had just seen, who were not dressed for rain.

Then I gathered my kids into the bed with me, and I read their science book to them. They brought up their lap desks, and J worked on her written work while R.T. colored.

Homeschooling is still best.

In spite of – or perhaps even because of – my challenges.

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