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DISCLAIMER: You may not agree with me. Surprise, surprise. I have no problem with that, and I hope you can simply accept it, as well. If that is the case, please know that this post is not about you, so there is no cause to feel alarmed, insulted, “judged,” or any other negative reaction – unless such should be spontaneously generated by the action of the Holy Spirit in your heart. My purpose here is simply to explore a choice that we made, and share my thoughts for the consideration of others.

Several years ago, I purchased two “complete” years of Sonlight curriculum second-hand. For those not familiar with Sonlight, this means I received two big boxes full of not only the lesson plans and guides, but many, many reading books. (The photo is from the Sonlight website; one Core + Readers set).

Those levels weren’t what we needed at that moment (I just couldn’t pass up the deal!), so I crated them up, labeled them, and tucked them away in the storage room.

I was delighted when I realized that the Core I wanted to purchase for our 2013/2014 school year was the first of these years that I had stored away!

The Science books lined up with the Science we are just finishing up from this year (wish I’d known THAT earlier!), so I went ahead and re-sold them.

Sorting through the Read-Alouds for the Core, and the Readers for Miss J’s Language Arts, we found that we had most of them, so I only had to purchase the missing pieces.

I (read “we”) decided, however, to purchase the Core Instructor’s Guide new from Sonlight. (There is a re-purchase discount if you have previously purchased a Core, but that applies only to the original purchaser).

Why do that instead of using the perfectly functional one that I have in the box?

Here’s the reasons that immediately occur to me, roughly in order from least to most important (not ignoring the overall factor of prayer and debate):

  • The Core guide that I have is put together for the 4-day rather than 5-day schedule, so would require some re-working. It also has writing in it, lessons checked off by the previous user, etc. Certainly, it would be nicer to have my own fresh copy.
  • Purchasing the Core entitles me to access the online forums, registers me with them for Customer Support, etc., etc.
  • “Core 1″ is actually a number of years old, and predates a pretty significant revamp they did a couple of years ago. The currently-named “Core B” has a lot of improvements.

But the far-and-away main reason?

  • Because it’s the right thing to do. Because I adore Sonlight, and they deserve compensation for their product – this is how they support their family, remember!

Now, do I wish this hadn’t happen right now, when were’re suffering under a 20% pay cut thanks to Congress’ bright idea that furloughs were better than doing their job with the budget? For sure!

But right is right.


This is not in any way a “sponsored post”, but we sure do adore Sonlight (I can’t decide whether I’m more impressed with the incredible products, or their top-notch customer service and guarantees…). If you’d like to give them a try, you can get $5 off your first order by clicking through my affiliate link: sonlight.com/rewards/TH20214672.

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  1. I’ve done that before…same exact thing with other publishers…for the same reason. :-)

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