Aug 252013

So, let’s talk potty.

Not quite the usual topic of conversation around here, eh?

But eating healthy, living healthy, being healthy, and following God’s natural plan and order — that’s normal stuff.

So.. it turns out that our anatomy is designed to squat to eliminate.

This should come as no big surprise there to anyone who has had any exposure to natural childbirth; squatting is the best way to allow that baby to get out, too.

This was brought to mind for me again recently by Mommypotamus’ excellent article on pelvic floor issues and incontinence, Why You Need to Pee in the Shower.

But our “western civilization” toilets, for some reason, have been designed in a different position altogether. And it’s causing us to struggle with constipation, hemorrhoids, and a host of other complaints.

Until now, your only choice was pretty much to remove your toilet and create a squatting toilet similar to those common in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Latin America.

But now, there’s a great, inexpensive, non-home-damaging option! (Click the graphic to visit their website)

Want a visual on the anatomical issues (non-graphic, in all senses of the word)? Check out Squatty Potty’s video:

Visit Squatty Potty to find out more, or order yours.

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