Nov 282013

I have a confession: I don’t let people in my house.

My house is a mess. No, not what you mean when you say your house is a mess. I mean, like, halfway to “Hoarders” messy.

There are too many days when it’s all I can do to get out of bed, and make sure the children are fed and safe. So it’s my dirty little secret.

Then, unexpectedly, I found a friend. Someone I really hardly know, but with whom I feel safe. She and her children have been an amazing blessing to me. They even came and worked alongside me to help me do some cleaning and sorting (I am trying to thin out our possessions drastically, and simplify life!).

So, do you know what I went and did?

I invited them over for Thanksgiving.

It all happened rather suddenly, since they originally had other plans that fell through, but now it is done.

Five of them, and five of us, in a house that I never let anyone see? Wow.

Yes, it got a lot better when my new friends helped me start through the sorting. And yes, we’ve straightened up more today, to make a space for a large party dining and socializing.

But it doesn’t look anything like the lovely photos of decorated tables that my friends are sharing on Facebook.

Just good friends, and good food (she is a “whole foodie”, too!) …

I am truly blessed, and truly thankful.

And please, take a moment to be thankful for these folks:

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