Dec 022013

How did it get to be December, and I haven’t ordered my 2014 planner yet? Yikes!

I don’t believe I’ve ever shared before about the planner I use. I’ve been a huge fan of the Amy Knapp planner since I discovered it, I believe four years ago now.

She offers the planners in both spiral-bound and 7-hole punch, and in a generic and a Christian edition. There’s even a big, fun family wall calendar.

Roomy enough for activities and appointments, tear-out grocery lists, note areas, and weekly memory verse. I like it, I like it! :)

I prefer the 7-hole punch version because of the freedom it gives me from year to year. I purchased a “Day Runner” type binder inexpensively though eBay. Now I can retain the pages with addresses and phone numbers, important annual dates, web site references, and so forth, while removing the old daily calendar pages and adding new. I can also only add only part of the year if I choose, reducing the weight of my little companion.

They are available at some bookstores, and, but the most comprehensive selection (including the 7-hole punched) is only on Amy Knapp’s website (contains affiliate links, see below).


Yep, I like it so much I became an affiliate; this is not a sponsored post. Clicking through my link doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I earn a small commission if you purchase anything. Thank you for helping to support the blog!

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