Dec 192013

what-is-wordpress-all-about-logoThings look different around here, don’t they?

And the theme keeps changing.  And the sidebar keeps changing.

Please bear with me!

We started the blog on the domain “”, because we really, really wanted to have our name…  but a real estate agent owned the simpler version.

Luckily for us (sadly for him, probably), the domain became available, and we gleefully purchased “”.  For a temporary measure, we just set it up to forward to the established blog location.

Well, days turned into weeks turned into months.  Wolf has had his plate more than full, and with my daily pain level I am not able to do the type of work required to get things switched over.

Finally, as with the decision to hire some youth friends to help with the Littles’ school reading and such (see the post on Coming Out of the Closet with Chronic Illness), we steeled ourselves to the reality that we needed some help.

I struck a deal for a very fair price with my Facebook friend Jocelyn, who had been kind enough to tweak a few WordPress things for me in the past when I got stuck.  (Message Jocelyn Dixon on Facebook if you find yourself in need of help!)

What neither of us knew was that it was going to turn into a monstrous nightmare of ghost files and corrupted settings.  Eeeek!

Well, I THINK we are more-or-less done.

The blog now resides at  Although the old domain will forward, please update your bookmarks!

The theme I designed was one of the casualties of the move, so we are using one of the available WordPress free themes to get by until we get to a point where we can worry about that.  (It may change another time or two before we settle – they each have different features that may or may not work with my blogging style).

The list of “Links” and resources I had collected?  Still MIA as of this posting.  Hopefully Jocelyn can tease it out of the server somehow…

So, again, I ask you to please bear with us, as we move forward.






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