Dec 262013

sharkSo, another half school year has gone by since my last school update, “No Child Left Behind“.  Once again, I find myself at the point where I have had to make some adjustments in my school calendar, and even the logistics of my lesson plans.

We have just completed the “common” work for the school year which might ideally have ended in May (the year we are calling 2nd Grade / Pre-K).  So after the first of the year, we will take up the new school year, 3rd Grade / K (which “began” in September).  Since I would like to get this common section a bit more back on track with the customary school year, I will be making an effort to work through it diligently, so that we can finish sooner than this time next year.

Their separate subjects, however, continue to diverge.

R.T. started in on his K Math and Language Arts activities over the summer, and is well on his way to being totally done with them.  Not entirely sure where to go with him at this point.

Miss J …  Ah, Miss J.  Since we delayed a year because of her total lack of response with reading, the work she has been doing alongside her “2nd Grade” school year was 1st Grade Math and LA.  And although we are now finished with the common areas, she’s still lagging with her separate work.

So, what’s a mother to do?

One of the things I appreciate about Sonlight, as the teacher, is that all the lesson plans are made, coordinated, and placed together in an orderly fashion in a 3-ring tabbed binder.
Behind each week’s tab goes the common “core” material, the Science material, Jewel’s material, and R.T’s material.

For the last few months this has been quite a confusing situation.  With the common subjects we had reached one week, but Jewel’s work was way back somewhere else, and so on.

I had one spare smaller binder on hand, from the old Core I bought used (read about that adventure HERE), so I purchased one small binder and two sets of weekly tabs from Sonlight.

Now the Core (with Science), Jewel, and R.T. will each have a home of their own, and a pace of their own.

It is my hope that this will let us track each of those at their own pace.  I can keep the common subjects in sync with the usual school year schedule, while R.T. can work ahead, and Jewel can take the time she needs.

I am hopeful about this change.  It allows me to keep doing their Core together (easier for me, and I think nice for them, to be working together), yet give them the developmentally-appropriate support that each of them needs …  which is, after all, one of the fundamental benefits of homeschooling.


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