Mar 072014

Stuff-It-Pink_detailWe’re working on a move out of state, so we have decided that moving into an RV is the way to go. Sound odd?

  • It will reduce our expenses, allowing us to save up for the cost of the move.
  • It will reduce expenses, allowing us to pay off the last of our debts and get our financial house in order.
  • It will reduce the cost of the move, since we will not need a huge truck or a storage unit.
  • It will make us mobile, in case the new job requires Wolf to attend military training in one or more other locations before our final destination.
  • It will free us of the clutter monster, and give our minimizing efforts a huge push forward.

CollageSo we have begun the purge, selling off the furniture, clearing out trash, and donating boxes and bags full of stuff to the Airman’s Attic.

I’ve also been on the hunt for some solutions for keeping the small spaces organized in the RV.

I found a company that had so many great organizing items for home, car, and travel… that I decided to join up!

Take a peek at my new Clever Container website, and see for yourself.  I even put up a Facebook Page!

And to top it off, I’m kicking off my new business with a Mystery Hostess Online LAUNCH Party!

If you are on Facebook, you can visit the Party Page.  But if you’re not, that’s okay, too!

Here’s how it works:

Help kick off my new business venture, and you may be the one selected (randomly) to be the party “Hostess” and earn free products and more!

** Every $50 order earns a free set of clever Car Hooks (a $12 value)!

** Earn 1 entry into the Mystery Hostess drawing just for placing an order. PLUS earn an additional entry for every $25 you spend. (A total of 1 entry for a $10 order, 2 entries for a $25 order, 3 for a $50 order, etc.). You must place an order to earn any other entries into the drawing.

** Earn 1 entry into the Mystery Hostess drawing for booking an online / catalog party of your own!

** Earn entries for inviting your friends to the party! 1 entry for inviting 1-15 friends, or “Sharing” on your wall; 2 entries for 16-30 friends; and so on!

** Earn another entry for each and every friend you invite who places an order. Make sure they comment on the Event page (or email me) with, “YourName invited me, and I ordered!”

Just visit:

Browse the products, or flip through the online catalog. As you complete your purchase online, the very bottom right corner will ask you to “Select Party”. Just select “Mystery Hostess online LAUNCH Party!” and you will be entered in the Mystery Hostess drawing.

SHOPPING IS OPEN NOW! This party will *end* at midnight on March 12th, so get your order in…

hooksI’m so excited to begin using the items that I received in my New Consultant Kit!  And I’m going to be placing an order with this party, myself, because there are a few more things that will really help out my organizing efforts.

If you’d like a paper catalog, feel free to request one through my Clever Container website (HERE).

And if you don’t win the Mystery Hostess drawing?  You can host a party of your own — entirely online and/or with catalogs — and earn free gifts all for yourself!

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