May 012014

hairToday’s post is really just a link to a post.

After all, if another blogger puts up a terrific post on a subject I feel strongly about, why re-invent the wheel?

Thus without further ado, I invite you to go check out:

The Headcovering Q & A at Joyful Christian Homemaking

Note that if you are reading this post later, you may need to search or scroll down to find this post, as there do not seem to be individual links.



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  1. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and the Message of the Cross. I believe the Holy BIBLE is the the true spoken word of God and the perfect guide in how to love and have the wonderful life the Lord intended us to have. I believe a woman should dress modestly and if convicted in her heart to wear a head covering to do so and not wear them as a fashion statement. I too have a chronic illness I have nervous system that cause me constant pain as well as Spine that requires monthly injections in order for my pain to be controlled. I have a Savior that gives me hope and Grace to love my life with joy and abundant blessings not what I have in worldly possessions but the blessings I recieve knowing and loving for the Lord. So I honor him in my inner Spirit and how I conduct my life but how I choose to dress and wear my hair. I love to wear my head covering because I know the word of God says I should. And that I feel it is an outer way to express my love for the Lord. I understand and respect those who chose not to do this as each of us must come to the Lord in our time . I don’t believe me wearing dresses or pants or having short or long in any way affects my Salvation because then it would become a law . Instead I choose to do this out of Grace and love I have for the Lord because He first loved me. Thank you for reading and may the Peace of the Lord be with you. Mrs. R. Johnston.

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