Nov 222015

…and by that I definitely don’t mean that it’s “modest” in the sense of “small”, because this is a GREAT SALE on MODEST CLOTHING!

Deborah & Co. is a company that has been listed in my sidebar for quite some time, and someone we trust as a provider of modest clothing for women (including maternity) and girls.

Here’s what’s happening on Black Friday (and the weekend):

  • Storewide 20% off coupon
  • Free scarf on all orders of $50 or more!
  • We will be releasing a new modest (higher neck) cami with lace at the bottom for Black Friday!

Skip the stress of going out to shop on Friday, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more for your money.  It’s just good stewardship, right?  ;)

  One Response to “A Modest Black Friday Sale”

  1. I love the two skirts I got from them in the spring! I have the rainbow denim one and the vintage wash denim one. They’re comfortable, pretty and mid-calf or longer on my 5’10″ even with the standard length. I wear these two skirts more than any other skirt I own. I’m glad you told me about Deborah & Co. years ago.

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