Aug 062016

change-671374_960_720I had someone email me with a question about my testimony, and it got me looking back through not only the old “Posts” on the blog, but also our “Pages”.

I knew when we had made some domain changes a while back that some things had gotten “broken”, but I haven’t been up to the task of trying to set everything straight.  I’m probably still not, but at least I’m going to make a start.

Over there on the left side you’ll see the “Pages” listed – with our family background, modest dressing resources, and so forth.  It seems a good place to start.

I’ll replace the lost pictures.  Check the broken links.  Update anything obsolete.  And generally clean house.

PLEASE feel free to comment or email me, or message me on the blog’s Facebook page, with any errors you find, or suggestions.

Yes, I would like to post more, also.  But it feels wrong to keep “building” when the “foundation” is not in good shape.  So that’s my mission…


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