Oct 042016

befriendI accepted the offer to review this book gladly, thinking that friendship and belonging were definitely topics that were relevant to my life.  For the past month I’ve been struggling to read it.  I’ve picked it up and started dozens of times.  I read one page.  And another page.  And another.

It just didn’t ever “click”.  I never got “hooked”.  Never felt like I wanted to read on, rather than just put the book down.

In the end, that’s my review and confession.  I didn’t read all of it, or even most of it.  It was dull, and it did not speak to me.  To mis-quote someone pithier than myself:

I could not read it in a box

I could not read it with a fox

I could not read it here, or there

I could not read it anywhere…

I received a copy of the book free from the Ravu Collective / BuzzPlant for review purposes.  As always, my opinions are solely my own, and no other person has any say in what I write in my reviews, nor am I compensated for them.  I also received a second copy of the book with which to conduct a giveaway, but because of these special circumstances, I have simply given away both copies of the book locally, and called it day.

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  1. Tiffany,

    You did the right thing. There are SO many other books out there in the world that will click with us and be enjoyable. I’ve had to learn too that it’s okay to be done with a book. Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare was such a book for me.

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