Jan 102012

You know that cool form I’ve been using for the last few giveaways? Well, RaffleCoptor was actually only Beta Testing…

And now they’re having an official Launch Party!

You can enter to win an iPad2, or one of two Kindle Fires! (Be sure to list As For My House as “who referred you” — then if you win, I win, too!)

Enter using the form below, but please note that this is RaffleCoptor’s giveaway, not mine. (So if you see this giveaway listed on another blog, or on the RaffleCoptor site, you are already entered!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jan 062012

Sorry for the recent silence…

Our AT&T U-Verse Internet service decided that it wasn’t going to work anymore, and the saga of getting it fixed involved several days of delay and frustration.

As of now we are back online, though. So I guess I should get busy writing a “real” post!

Dec 032011

We have been in need of a “button” graphic for the blog for a while now.

I am trying to list As For My House on a few sites that have lists of blogs, so that hopefully more people who might be interested can find us. And many of them require a button.

So, given my lack of inspiration, time (prioritized for this type of time-intensive activity), and graphic design skill, I took the quick route: I cropped the graphic from our header, and scaled it into the proper dimensions.

It’s a button, at least.

But anyone who can do a better job is invited to come up with something! :)

Oct 252011

If you’re planning to shop at Amazon.com – and who doesn’t shop there? – you can bless us by purchasing through our “Amazon Store” link:

As For My House Amazon Store

Although we are working on adding relevant and recommended items to the “store” portion, you can shop for anything at Amazon.com, and we will receive a small referral commission.

Just click the Amazon logo at the top left, and you can shop Amazon as you normally do.

Thank you!

Jun 212011

It’s that time again!

As For My House will be hosting next week’s edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling.

Carnival of Homeschooling

If you blog, I hope you will join is by submitting a post:

  • Old, recent, or written just for this – anything is fair game!
  • Your blog does not have to be about homeschooling – only the post you submit has to be “on topic.”

Submitting your post is simple, with the Blog Carnival form.

More details about the carnival, and submissions, are always available from the good folks who run the carnival, “Why Homeschool“.

Just submit your post by Sunday night, then come back on Tuesday to enjoy everyone else’s words of wisdom.

If you know anyone else who blogs homeschool, please spread the word!!

To help spread the word about the carnival, and get more readers for all of our terrific contributors, you are encouraged to include one of the following icons/links in your submitted post:


Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling


Carnival of Homeschooling

May 162011

Although this was closed and decided long ago, I somehow never posted the winner.

The Franklin Springs George Washington Carver DVD was won by comment #4 – Diana D!

And in current business (drumroll, please):

For the lovely toddler dress from the Practical Inspirations Etsy shop, the winner is #15 – Chelsey of Sowing Dandelion Seeds.

All winners are selected by the good ol’ Random.org method, and have 48 hours to respond to my email.


More giveaways are in the works, so stay tuned…

Oct 012010

For our Homestead Blessings – The Art of Crafting DVD, Random.org picked the amazing random number ONE!

First commenter was Lisa -

My favorite crafty thing was scrapbooking a book of memories for Jim’s grandma. She loves pictures, and I had fun creating the pages.

And for our Family Works DVD, the lucky number from Random.org was SEVEN… Which was… Lisa!!

No kidding!

The lucky lady will be receiving BOTH these DVDs in the mail from Franklin Springs very soon.

Congratulations, Lucky Lisa.

Sep 142010

I am pleased to announce that As For My House is once again hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling next week.

Carnival of Homeschooling

If you have a blog, you are cordially invited – nay, encouraged – to submit a post:

  • Old, recent, or written just for this – anything is fair game!
  • Your blog does not have to be specifically about homeschooling – only the post you submit has to be “on topic.”

It’s easy to submit with the Blog Carnival form.

You can also find more info at the website that runs the carnival, “Why Homeschool“.

Just be sure to submit your entry by Sunday night, then come back by Tuesday to enjoy the bounty.

If you know anyone else who blogs homeschool, please spread the word!!

Happy Homeschool Blogging Week!

Aug 292010

I just wanted to address a special note to our friends on Facebook…

I really appreciate the “Networked Blogs” feature that allows me to publish all our blog posts to our Facebook news feeds, so you always know when there’s something new to read.

But I wanted to ask you a favor:

Please leave your comments here, on the blog itself.

When you leave a comment here, it is archived in my database, on my server, logically linked to the post which inspired it.

If you leave a comment on Facebook, it will soon scroll off the bottom of the page and simply be gone forever…

We enjoy hearing what you have to say, and many of your comments contain ideas that we’d like to save.

So, please, leave them here where I can keep them!