Jun 192011

[ By Wolf ]

It’s nice to be a little handy around the house.

I can do a little plumbing and a little electrical and a little carpentry. I have specialized training to be a shade tree mechanic and to create rustic furniture. All in all I guess I’m what most people call a jack-of-all-trades.

And occasionally I get the chance to do something special.

Last night Tiffany showed me a cool little tray she found in a magazine that covered the stove top and made it a nice work space.

The next morning she got up and took the kids off to Vacation Bible School. I took advantage of the time and took tools in hand.

I had to run a few other errands, so I included a quick stop at Lowe’s to grab a piece of wood. After taking a few minutes to show my oldest son a couple things about carpentry, we had a custom stove top cover!

I had to do a little extra thinking about the dimensions, since the whole reason we needed this was that our tiny kitchen doesn’t have much usable space. I didn’t want to have yet another thing to take up space when it wasn’t on top of the stove.

We have a pair of ridiculous little narrow cabinets on each side of the stove (which we use for cookie sheets and stuff), so I made the stove top cover just the right size to fit into one of them.

I love you, T.
Happy Birthday.

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