Sep 072009

(By Wolf)

I’m not really a green kinda’ person (although, as Tiffany recently pointed out, we’re greener than we think)…

I just saw Colin Beavan’s web information on living green and saving the world. That’s not really me, but I do have a conservative side that wishes to live a simpler lifestyle. My family and I have spent hours thinking about our little community of people who want to live a simple, self sufficient life.

Of course, we would start our simple life in simple ways. We have already started in many areas like cloth diapers for the baby and making our own bread.

Our bigger steps are to grow some fruits and vegetables and maybe even get a cow for milk and butter. We began a year or so ago (early 2008) to save a little money and it was nice to save a few trees in the process. We cut down on our toilet paper usage and paper napkins. We started using cloth towels instead of paper towels for the little clean up jobs. We try not to use the electric dryer to dry all of our clothes and we cut out commercial television a long time ago for many reasons.

We’ve even moved on to food things. That started one day when we bought an ice cream maker. With the price of stuff going up and up it made more sense to make ice cream instead of buying it. Now we also make bread and are looking for other ways to make our own food items that are normally bought prepackaged. This move to making our own foods from scratch has been spurred along by the invasion of high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener in almost everything from soda to ketchup.

Then, in my dreams of the future, I have the even bigger step of starting a community of like-minded people who want to get rid of the “luxuries” of the fast paced life we have come way too close to being addicted to. I want some land with running water to build a mill and have a community that might look like it was from the turn of the century … the 20th century. I say that it will need to be a community because I can’t do it all. We would need a blacksmith and a baker and a carpenter and a rancher and a farmer and the list goes on.

And the dream has a name.

We will live content in the community of Contentment.

My wife has covered this better than I can in her page about the reasons we chose this name. I’ll just say that it was a God thing. I look forward to getting closer and closer to this dream as time goes on. And anyone with a passion for a simpler life is welcome to join us in making this dream come true.