Apr 192014

File-The-Pile_detailA belated congratulations to the winner of our Organization Giveaway:

Jane M.

The prize consists of both the PANIC No More filing system, and the adorable File the Pile filing box, for a total value of $41.

Don’t panic when the snail mail comes in! Just pull out a recycling bin for the items you don’t need and file the rest into this easy, color-coded filing system. Comes with 25 color-coded folders, 25 peel and stick file labels, 6 labeled tabs and hanging file folders, and instructions.

April 2014 Customer smEven if you didn’t win, there are still plenty of goodies available!

Clever Container has a fabulous promotion running through the end of April – the versatile Lights Out is available for just $12 with your purchase of $50 or more.

PLUS, I am running several special sales just for my customers.  Be sure to visit Organizing With Tiffany on Facebook to be advised of all the opportunities.  (Click “Like”, then hover over that Like and click to “Get Notifications”, or Facebook may decide not to show things to you).

Congratulations again to Jane, and Happy Organizing to all!