Nov 082012

30 Days of Thankfulness

(This meme is a handy reminder for me to do what we are commanded in Scripture.)

November 8th, 2012. Day 8.

I am thankful for health insurance.

Having lived a lot of my life without it, I fully appreciate the savings I am enjoying now, as my kids are fighting a nasty antibiotic-resistant strep infection, and I am taking some horrifically expensive medication for a wicked migraine.

Although this encompasses a lot of things – for hubby’s job that offers the benefit, etc. – I am singling out the health insurance today, and will allow the others to have their own time in the spotlight as the month goes on.

Nov 072012

30 Days of Thankfulness

(A reminder for me to do what we are commanded in Scripture.)

November 7th, 2012. Day 7.

I am thankful for Grace.

Grace makes it okay that I don’t always post each day’s thankfulness item in a timely fashion, among many things every day – from the silly and trivial, to the deep and profound.

What an amazing, loving Heavenly Father I have!

Nov 032012

30 Days of Thankfulness

(A good reminder to do what we are commanded to do explicitly in Scripture.)

November 3rd, 2012. Day 3.

I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, Jewel.

After raising Nick, and swooning over the adorable little girl things, it was my prayer for many long and lonely years that I would have more children, and especially a little girl.

Jewel is 100% girly girl, and I am so blessed to be the one God chose to be her mother. She is sweet and loving, compassionate, intelligent, musical, and already loves the Lord and strives to follow in His ways.

Nov 022012

30 Days of Thankfulness

(A good “excuse” to do what the Lord commands us to do explicitly in Scripture.)

November 2nd, 2012. Day 2.

I am thankful for my incredible husband, Wolf.

(Without intending any slight to the Lord, who naturally is our all in all – and a post for another day).

I am so blessed that the Lord brought such an amazing man into my life 10 years ago. We had each been on such a journey to reach that place in our lives!

  • Wolf is my rock, always an island of calm in my emotional world.
  • He is the true spiritual head of our home.
  • I can always count on him to care for me, and for our children, without stint and without hesitation – “Whatever it takes”, as he often says.
  • And he is the one who makes me laugh, and my one true love – my knight in shining armor.

I don’t tell him often enough, so today I am shouting it out for all the world to hear:

I love you!
I appreciate you!
I am thankful for who you are, and for all you do!

Nov 012012

I have decided to take on the meme that’s running wild this Thanksgiving month:

30 Days of Thankfulness

This is a good “excuse” to do what the Lord commands us to do explicitly in Scripture.

November 1st, 2012. Day 1.

I am thankful for my brilliant and amazing son Nick.

Even though he is no longer living under my roof, he is never far from my thoughts. It is and has been a privilege and a blessing to be a part of his life.

Oct 172012

The 355th Carnival of Homeschooling:
Reflections from the End of the Road

The biggest “news” in our homeschooling life is that one chapter of it has closed. My eldest, Nick, graduated in May, and is in the process of moving out as I put this post together.

There are plenty of issues surrounding that in all areas of our life, but for the Carnival, naturally, I’m going to focus on those related to homeschooling.

But “the end of the road” is really a dramatic exaggeration, because my homeschooling days are far from over! I have a 2nd grader and a four year-old still “enrolled”.

Having one coming out the far end does make for a natural point of reflection – a “post-mortem,” you might say. But you don’t have to wait until then to pause and take stock.

This is something that I think we all naturally do on a small scale as we work through our homeschooling days. It’s different, though, to sit down and mindfully reflect.

Here’s a few points that I’ve chosen to thoughtfully consider:

Is homeschooling the right choice for our family, right now? And its close cousin: Why do we homeschool?

Anisha offers a framework for this very question in Questions for Parents: Is Homeschooling Right for Me? posted at NerdWallet | Education.

Those questions naturally include “Can we afford it?” Mama Squirrel helps answer that with The why and how of frugal homeschooling, Part One posted at Dewey’s Treehouse.

Henry offers a bit of insight with the reverse question, in Why don’t more parents homeschool? posted at Why Homeschool.

How can I keep myself engaged in the process, and avoid burnout?

Elena addresses the issue of combating burnout in When Long-time Homeschooling Moms Burn Out at My Domestic Church.

Phyllis offers some thoughts on Luke 17 in Healing Comes with Obedience, at Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness.

Mindy offers her thoughts for when Mommy Needs a Moment at DenSchool.

Andrea offers the relief of 5 Homeschooling Battles I Stopped Fighting at Notes from a homeschooled mom.

[Depending on the age/stage of your children and your homeschool journey] At what age do I begin “schooling” my little one? What “grade level” does my child belong in?

Laura shares her concerns that direct instruction, from parents or teachers, is shown to limit a child’s creativity, problem solving, and openness to learning, in Educating Too Early at her blog, Laura Grace Weldon.

How can I keep the material fresh for all of us? And: How can I reach a child with a different learning style?

Denise offers strategies for teaching elementary mathematics in PUFM 1.5 Multiplication, Part 2, posted at Let’s Play Math!

Denise also shares Blogging 101: Introduction for student writers, at Blogging 2 Learn.

Barbara discusses a great resource idea in A Homeschool Mom’s Paradise posted at Barbara Frank Online.

Angela wonders, What About Gym Class? at Team Grey!

Ann enjoys her nature studies, with Goldfinches – One of the Yellow Birds – Outdoor Nature Hour Challenge posted at Harvest Moon by Hand.

Natalie reviews Rip the Page! and discusses how she’s using it for creative writing for multiple ages, with Rip the Page! by Karen Benke, at Fill Your Bookshelf.

* * * * * *

A huge THANK YOU to all of the bloggers who shared with us. As always, it has been a joy to read through them all while putting this together (I confess I don’t typically get to read through an entire carnival on other weeks!).

Please take a moment to post a link to the carnival on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter… help spread the word about homeschooling, and the carnival, and send some traffic to all these terrific folks!

And of course, good Carnival manners includes the hope that everyone will link their submitted post to this Carnival post, as well as possibly including one of the adorable COH Graphics. Thank you!

Don’t forget to send in your post for next week’s carnival! Just visit Why Homeschool for all the details, and email the info anytime before next Monday.

Until next time… Happy Homeschooling!

Mar 282012

Welcome, one and all, to my Holy Week Giveaway Bonanza!

Okay, I guess a bunch of blog giveaways aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “holy” or “Easter”, right? Yeah, me neither.

But I wanted to share my joy with you at this time of year, and share gifts in honor of the Greatest Gift of All that Christ gave us.

There will be five giveaways, each lasting for a week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

I appreciate all the wonderful sponsors who have made this possible. Enjoy!!

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And enter below to win Three Free Kids’ Meals from Chick-Fil-A!

I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review has not been approved or edited by anyone.
Chick-Fil-A is providing the prize for this giveaway, shipped directly to the winner.
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