Nov 222015

…and by that I definitely don’t mean that it’s “modest” in the sense of “small”, because this is a GREAT SALE on MODEST CLOTHING!

Deborah & Co. is a company that has been listed in my sidebar for quite some time, and someone we trust as a provider of modest clothing for women (including maternity) and girls.

Here’s what’s happening on Black Friday (and the weekend):

  • Storewide 20% off coupon
  • Free scarf on all orders of $50 or more!
  • We will be releasing a new modest (higher neck) cami with lace at the bottom for Black Friday!

Skip the stress of going out to shop on Friday, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more for your money.  It’s just good stewardship, right?  ;)

Nov 012015

Our-Wood-Home-No-Pants-NovemberWe’ve done some skirts-only challenges before, so it was a wonderful surprise to run into this one, happening right now on Our Wood Home:

No Pants November

You have to start today (November 1) if you want to be totally in sync with them…  But please consider giving it a try, no matter when you discover this post, and this challenge.

It’s fun to participate in a challenge like this with a group of other ladies, because you can read the blog posts, see others’ outfit ideas, and otherwise feel inspired and supported.

Yes, we already wear skirts full-time, so I’m not “participating in the challenge” – but I do hope to participate in being inspiring and supportive!

What have you got to lose?


May 012014

hairToday’s post is really just a link to a post.

After all, if another blogger puts up a terrific post on a subject I feel strongly about, why re-invent the wheel?

Thus without further ado, I invite you to go check out:

The Headcovering Q & A at Joyful Christian Homemaking

Note that if you are reading this post later, you may need to search or scroll down to find this post, as there do not seem to be individual links.



Feb 142014

milli3Well, sometimes things work out better than you could have imagined. That was definitely the case after I wrote my post on Securing Headcoverings!

I discovered a lovely online store called the Millinery Shop.

Like many places, they offer a wig grip product:

Slipproofit! This SLIP-NOT WIG GRIP band is worn directly on your head under a hat pretied, scarf or wig. The crushed velour material holds everything in place. No more will your WIG -HAT – SCARF – PRETIED BANDANA slide back. This Velour item is extremely comfortable to wear with an adjustable velcro closure in the back.

But they have several wonderful differences from “many places.”

If you’re inclined, they offer fantastic wholesale discounts for volume purchases. Since their prices are already quite low, I imagine this would be a terrific business opportunity.

But more important for the rest of us: They produce their own merchandise, so they can make it however they need to!

This means that their products – including the wig grip – are offered in a fantastic variety of sizes. It also means that they can offer customization if needed.


The Slip-Not Wig Grip, for example, has options for fabric (velour or cotton/velour), color (black, brown, champagne), and size (S, M , L, XL).

And look at all the other stuff they offer: from their array of pre-tied bandannas, snoods, hats, and other headcoverings, to gloves, iron-on accessories, and more.
As you know from my prior post, size is a problem for me. However with this variety, I found myself with an overabundance of choices! At 24″ head circumference, it looked like I could easily use either a Large or an Extra Large!

They were kind enough to send me both – and they are, in fact, both comfortably usable! And even doing a crazy hybrid of wearing a tichel and having it back off my forehead a bit, they held the slippery scarf in place solidly.

I will definitely be shopping more for myself at the Millinery Shop, and I recommend it to you enthusiastically.

Want to try it out?

One lucky As For My House reader will win a Slip-Not Wig Grip (with options of your choosing!) from Millinery Shop! Just use the Rafflecoptor form, below, to enter the drawing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Jan 242014

wig grip
I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before: I am 6’2″, so everything about me is just bigger in proportion – including my head circumference.

I can’t wear ready-made headbands and such because they are always too small. And the wig grip I got recently is no exception. It adjusts with velcro, but seems to go from “normal” DOWNWARDS to “small”, rather than larger.


I wear snappy clips or hairpins to hold my coverings in place now, but I would like to expand to some tichel or other scarf styles that don’t allow for that. (And they slip around too much without it – I did try!)

What type of coverings do you wear? How do you secure your coverings?

Dec 072013

Yes, I mean the lower-case, adjective type “classic.” But I also mean the fantastic web shop Classic Clothing Store. (You may have seen references and links here in the past to Ringger Clothing – these are the same fine folks in their swanky new digs).

We have purchased from them before, and have always been delighted with the garments, the quality, the service – just everything!

For our particular needs, it’s important that they are happy to customize things – longer, smaller waist, add pockets, or whatever you need. Except where indicated otherwise, all of their products are made-to-order, so you can ask about any changes that strike your fancy.

The photos shown feature our lovely spokes-model Jewel, showing off her new Girl Blouse with Ruffles in Pink Floral.

You can click through to buy your own. Or why not click through anyway, just to check out my lovely girl over on their site?

The blouse is a great fit, and the color scheme is perfect for my little princess. She even had some new barrettes that coordinate perfectly.

Of course, it’s available in other colors, too, if your princess has different tastes. And they do feature a full array of modest clothing for women and girls – dresses, jumpers, skirts, tops, slips, accessories, and more… even fabric and patterns to do it yourself.

While you’re over at Classic Clothing, be sure to check out the Deal of the Day page. Great deals, and plenty of items that are in-stock for quick shipping.

And if you hurry (through December 10th), you can also take advantage of Free Shipping on any order over $100 with the code FREESHIP .

Just in time for the holidays – dressing up yourself and your daughter, or for gift-giving.

NOTE: If you’re planning to pay with a credit card, be sure to follow the instructions on the Shopping Cart page and select “PayPal” as your payment method. You don’t need to have an account, that’s just the processor they use for charges.

I received a discount on my Classic Clothing order, to provide me with products for a possible review on this blog.

All posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link your costs will be the same but As For My House will receive a small commission. This helps cover some of the costs for this site. We appreciate your support. [Ringger / Classic Clothing does not have an affiliate program. I have nothing to gain but the knowledge that I pointed you to a good resource!]

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers.

I disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Nov 182013

I had a great comment posted on an older modesty post, so I wanted to revisit the issue.

My views have probably evolved over time, and not everything has been addressed on the blog, and hopefully there are other people just discovering the blog – and/or the idea of modest Christian dress – who might not have seen these issues addressed anywhere.

The short answer to the post title, of course, is that it’s not about “rules”. It’s about your heart attitude – and modest behavior to compliment your modest attire. And then there’s the question of femininity.

I’m going to try to give some general information, as well as my own opinions, so let’s walk through these questions together.

Okay, so I am new to this….I have been wearing long skirts for exactly a week now and have some practical questions.

I am genuinely exploring this topic for the first time in the last few weeks and seriously interested in thoughts and how you and your readers view the issue of modesty and modest dress.

In the last week, I have become much more aware of how others dress, and been appalled at what women wear to the store (that I probably wouldn’t have even noticed before)!!

1. In your opinion, how long is long enough? I see some sites for modest clothing with skirts just below the knee and others that are ankle-length. I have been going for long.

That is a personal (between you, God, and your husband) decision. I will say that I have not run across much “modesty” literature that advocates anything above the knee.

One thing many people forget is to look at the slit, if any, For modesty purposes, the length of your skirt is only as long as the top of the slit. So a floor-length skirt with a six-inch walking slit is perfectly fine, but you may run into trouble when your below-the-knee skirt has one.

Personally, I find the “just-below-the-knee” length to be immodest. It’s okay when you’re standing still, but how much of your day is that? How does it look when you reach up to that top cabinet? Or bend over to pick things up off the floor? Or sit down? Too much worry for me.

I started my skirts/dresses adventure with a preference for somewhere around mid-calf. Over time, I’ve come to prefer somewhat longer skirts, from lower mid-calf down to even around ankle length. As long as they’re full enough to move in, I enjoy them. But that’s me.

2. If skirts show any skin (ankle), do you shave the legs? And how about underarms (since no one sees them now)?

Many women who dress modestly still shave – whether for appearance’s sake, personal comfort, or even a husband’s preference. Again, a matter of personal choice.

More conservative groups’ dress standards often include hoisery, so for them it’s a complete non-issue.

I have stopped shaving, after deciding that it was (a) vanity, and (b) feeling the need to improve the way God created me. After being raised very much in the world, though, and working in the fashion and fitness industries, I freely admit that I am still uncomfortable at the idea that people may see my hairy legs. Ah, well, that’s how we grow, right?

3. Shoes. My son asked if I feel funny in long skirts and tennis shoes. And my answer is yes and no. I kind of feel like I should be in a practical, comfortable, yet somewhat dressier-than-tennis-shoes kind like mary janes or something. I have worn my solid black Merrels and feel okay in them but today is COLD and so I have on some boots that I would have never worn with a skirt… so I just don’t know. And what about sandals, and flip-flops?

To me, this is a COMPLETELY “non-rule” issue, even more than most of them.

Some people wear sneakers because they are comfy and offer good support. Others feel that that is not a style choice they want to make, so they wear boots, flats, or whatever.

Personally, we don’t have many shoes rules related to modesty – only things like “no heels for little girls”, “no shoes that look ‘sexy’ in that ostentatious way”, “wear appropriate shoes for the task at hand”…

4. Undergarments. In the comments to the post you say you do wear things under skirts and that is my question there. I went and got some leggings because my legs are freezing under my denim, ankle-length skirt today. Thoughts on that?

I don’t know anyone aside from the LDS Church that feels your undergarments are anybody’s business but your own (and your husband’s, if applicable).

Most women who wear skirts-only wear combinations of slips, leggings, tights, etc. For little girls, bloomers are a great option even in warm weather, since skirts can be decidedly IMMODEST when they get crazy in play.

5. Pajamas. Someone said she threw out all pajamas. I got a set that is a long skirt and long-sleeved shirt, but in the cold may need either my fleece bottoms too or leggings. And in the summer do y’all wear a light nightgown? I assume it may be difficult to find a long one that is a lightweight material that isn’t sleeveless….

Different people have different opinions about sleepwear, that’s for sure!

Most of the “skirts-only” women I know do feel that modest nightgowns are the ideal. But how much it matters to them varies widely.

Some people feel that it makes no difference, since only their husband sees them, so they only dress for comfort and/or his enjoyment. Others with children or others in the house, who might come down for coffee in their pj’s, feel that they should conform to essentially the same standards as day clothing.

My daughter and I typically wear long or long-ish nightgowns. I’ve bought some online that are modest but lightweight for summer. She does also have footie “blanket sleeper” pj’s, too, though. She’s thin and delicate, and gets very cold at night. And, again, not like she goes outside in it.

I have a couple of lingering pairs of pj pants. They mostly stay in the drawer, but get hauled out occasionally during those stressful times when sick kids mean everything needs washing all the time, while I meanwhile have less time and energy to do it. I don’t prefer them anymore, but I also don’t see it as a big deal.

6. Speaking of sleeves, how long is generally okay? I wore a shirt the other day and it made me think it will have to go because the sleeves, while not sleeveless, were a bit short (kind of a fanned sleeve). Is the arm immodest? I don’t know!!

A common “test” I hear people use is to raise and wave your arms around, and see if you can see your armpit or your undergarments. If so, too short (and/or sheer).

Conservative Jewish protocol as I understand it is that knees and elbows should be covered. Interestingly, they have no issues with tightness, and many seem to use snug leggings and under-layer shirts (or just sleeves!) with otherwise-immodest clothing.

I have trouble shopping for Jewel at mass-market retailers (I just keep trying! *sigh*), because so many of the tops have the little fanned sleeves, cap sleeves, and so forth – not to mention strappy and sleeveless.

Personally, I prefer 3/4 length, or the sort of “short sleeves” that many men’s shirts seem to have, that hangs down nearly to the elbow.

7. And the looseness. It seems that fitted shirts (well, skirts too) that show the shape is the issue. Does that then mean baggy t-shirts? Not too fitted in button-up shirts?

“Showing shape” is definitely the issue – whether it comes from too short, too tight, too low-cut, or too sheer.

While we don’t need to dress in a shapeless potato sack, and want to honor the femininity that God gave us…

I came up with an illustration that sums it up pretty well for me. You might not relate to it if you grew up in a tamer situation: Imagine yourself in a room with a bunch of drunk “Frat Boys” (my apologies to any men reading who may have been in a fraternity). What are they going to say about you? It it’s a comment about a body part, chances are your clothing choice in that area is not ideal.

8. Exercise. I haven’t gone running the last two weeks now that I have been wearing skirts. While I trotted along with the puppies in my long skirt, I am not sure what you do otherwise–never go to the gym I guess? What about pushups, leg-lifts, crunches and such? What about zumba?? And what about swimming? I am not sure what to think.

I think there are plenty of ladies who run in skirts (probably less long than their daily wear skirts, but still modest). They even make “sport skirts” now out of lightweight athletic fabrics, and loose-fitting culouttes and such as well.

Ditto for going to the gym, Zumba class, etc. No, those tight yoga pants and a sports bra-top are just never appropriate – unless you’re working out alone at home, perhaps.

I don’t think I’d go to the gym anymore, unless it was a women-only facility. I can keep myself fit and healthy at home, without the attire being such an issue.

Swimming is fraught with challenges on many, many fronts. We rarely swim at public pools or waterparks, as much because it’s inappropriate viewing for the males in the family as because it’s a dress challenge for the females.

I know a lot of women who dress modestly, who feel that “modest swimwear” means having a little frill of a skirt attached to their suit, or throwing a t-shirt over their daughter’s bikini.

That has never worked for me. I simply do not see any justification for thinking that presence of a body of water negates any of the principles behind our decision to dress modestly.

I am a customer of Princess Modest Swimwear – one more site for the awesome Jewish ladies who refuse to bend to “society” (their photo above). My daughter’s suit (since they don’t do youth sizes) is from WholesomeWear.

I also wear a fabric swim cap, so that I can swim and still cover.

I also noticed that I get more people looking at me, and I wondered about that. The point is to get less attention for the way I am dressed, but I get more, LOL. The looks are curiosity, I guess, but I find I am more conscious of my behavior because I feel like my clothing advertises my conservative Christianity and speaks to my beliefs (vs. before if I was rude or something no one would necessarily think that I was a Christian behaving that way).

The point is for your private parts to get less attention because of the way you are dressed.

If you attract attention by your Christian witness in this area, it is just as wonderful as if someone sees the love of Christ shining through you because of some action you do.

And if it reminds us that our every action is part of our witness, so much the better! This is a point that comes up often when I discuss head-covering with people.

I’d also like to introduce a similar concept, that I wish I had the opportunity to speak into the hearts of young women who struggle with this.

I grew up acting and dressing “sexy.” I felt empowered because I could always get quick, helpful service from the guy behind the counter at the auto parts store (or wherever). If you had suggested to me at 20 that I should give up wearing tops that showed off my cleavage, I would have laughed.

But here’s the thing: I get special, preferential treatment now, too. If anything, I think I receive admiring looks and helpfully opened doors and so forth more often than when I was 20 – and I assure you that it is not because I am so irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex. I truly believe that men still have buried in their hearts the God-given desire to behave like gentlemen. No, seriously, ladies, men of all ages respond this way.

Perhaps I’ve strayed too far from the purpose of the post. I am certain that I have let this post ramble on far too long. And I’m certain that it is a topic that we will continue to discuss…

Sep 062013

When I think of the times I’ve sewn a big ruffle onto the bottom of Jewel’s skirts…

Or passed on a skirt that might have been good for me “if only it was a little longer”.


As a tall family, that is a constant battle.

I knew genius the moment I discovered Make Me Modest. :)

A mother and daughter team designed and created these amazing little numbers, which are thin and lightweight in the top portion, then add length in a great variety of colors and styles.

They’ve even got some new things working, like sleeve extenders!

Make Me Modest sent me an extender to review, made to my specifications. They were amazingly helpful and patient in figuring out how to accommodate all of my various questions and special requests.

The extender is amazing! The design is clever, the workmanship is excellent… Even the packaging was a treat to receive.

I did decide, after trying it on, that I had picked entirely the wrong extender for the skirt I wanted to extend. Ah, well. I’m definitely ordering a different one, and one for Jewel as well!

The good news for you is that I’m going to give away the extender I received!

Sadly, the lovely packaging is gone, but you will receive a like-new (tried on but never worn or washed), white, Eliza style extender, Size XL, made extra long to 36″, with extra coverage upwards (to account for a slit or kick-pleats in your skirt).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Oct 252012

One of the long-time listings on our Modest Clothing Resources page is the Modest Mom. (That’s her photo) She has lots of lovely skirts, and now other modest clothing, for women (including maternity) and girls.

Of course there’s still my pet peeve: Why don’t more skirts have pockets? But I digress.

Things are changing over there! Business has been good, and she’s expanding and revamping on an entirely new website:

Deborah & Co.
“Fashion Without Compromise”

To celebrate, she’s holding a HUGE giveaway, with over $250 in lovely prizes – all going to a single winner! The package includes a $50 Gift Card to Deborah & Co., plus prizes from Scentsy, Lilah Rose, and many others.

Stop by the Modest Mom blog for easy Rafflecopter entry.

Then head over to Deborah & Co. and check out the lovely new website, and the wonderful modest clothing she has to offer!

* Post may include affiliate links.

Jul 312012

I recently had the opportunity to review two products from a new website to our Modest Clothing Resources page –

They were pleasant to deal with, and my items arrived quickly and very well packaged.

I had Jewel put on the Colorful Circles Head Scarf for a photo, even though it does NOT match her outfit. She’s still cute!

It’s a very pretty scarf, and of course as a simple square it has a wide range of uses. Because it’s so slick, I’m not sure I’d try using it as a headcovering, but of course that’s just me.

The second item I received was the LadyBug: Circular Strokes Cotton Pre-tied Bandana in blue. (Click for a better view of the pattern – but I couldn’t resist this photo of my cuties!)

I was dubious about a “pre-tied bandana” for me, since being 6’2″ my head is also proportionately larger than the average, so most “one size fits all” headbands and things are too small.

The soft, t-shirt-like fabric was a delightful surprise, and it did, in fact, fit perfectly (thanks to a generous elastic in the back).

It is somewhat “clingy”, and seemed like it was much better at staying in place that your typical cotton woven fabric. As an experiment, I went through half the day without putting in clips to secure it, and I was impressed!

A comfortable, easy-to-wear, no-iron covering… Can’t beat that!

I will definitely do business with for my personal use – I think I need another one of these comfy pre-tied bandanas! – and I do not hesitate to recommend them to you.

I received the referenced items for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review has not been approved or edited by anyone.
I was “disclosing” before it was cool. See my Review Policy for the full scoop.