Aug 192011

I’m once again going to sing the praises of Hillbilly Creations

Although her Etsy store usually has a cute market tote or two, and sometimes other fun things, my favorite things are all “customs” she’s created just for me.

In my last “batch” of sending her goodies to upcycle, she made an adorable purse for Jewel. (You can read the full review, and see photos of the rest of the lovely thing she made – HERE).

This time around I had a new challenge for her. I sent her a pair of Nick’s old camo cargo pants, and requested something a la the Market Tote that took advantage of the pants’ “coolness” in a lunch tote for Nick.

Wow! It’s everything I hoped for, and more… Look at all the cool stuff:

Cargo pockets as exterior pockets.

Pants waistband as shoulder strap.

Ankle zipper as bag closure.

And lined with an old pillowcase, for full upcycle flair!

This is not a sponsored, or even requested, blog post. I’m simply sharing the wonderful work of Hillbilly Creations. Oh, and by the way, Mrs. Davis is also the SAHM of a family who lost their home in a tornado a couple of years ago. Nice Christian family that you’ll help support!

May 142011

Okay, let’s start off with the bad news.

We’re still struggling with the aphids.

Dish washing soap solution and DE seemed to get it all under control… Only to have them back in full force a few days later. Ack!

Strawberry plants are healthy and productive – but we’re not getting any.

I don’t know enough to know if it’s something wrong, or just our ant problem, or what. But they get gone before they get ripe.

And now, something seems to be digging… Especially in the onions. Bird? Beast?

Oddly, it doesn’t look like they actually took anything, so it seems pretty weird.

I didn’t need any help to have a miserable time with the lettuce.

The two on the right came up nicely, while the two on the left didn’t.

I replanted the left pair a couple of weeks down the road, and one has come up as a runty bit. The fourth remains.

Of the two that came up so prettily in the first wave, one has suddenly and mysteriously (at least to me) keeled over dead.


Okay, enough of that. Let’s move right along to the good news, shall we?

The climbers on the back row are all doing quite well. (The replanted watermelon is a bit behind, but still perky).

Here, for example, is our lovely budding summer squash vine:

And, totally out of the blue, there are … BEANS!

Bush beans. Which were apparently sneaky enough to totally be missed on garden day Monday, although it’s true that the kids watered while I was transplanting some new friends.

Rather than waiting for something bad to happen, I do believe I’m going to pick them, steam them a little, then enjoy them for dinner with the kids…

Apr 302011

Well, our little garden is just over a month old, and there’s a lot going on!

The Good

Wolf is putting up the trellis frames. since our little plants are getting tall enough to need the encouragement. We’re using salvaged pipe for the sides, and a pressure-treated board across the top, then I’ll tie the guides with twine.

We also removed the “grids” we’d made to keep our square feet separated until the plants were visible enough to be able to tell. Did I mention that those were made from foraged cane that we cut in a vacant lot down the street?

We also have some happy recent additions to the garden.

This little herb garden (four different varieties of basil, plus dill) is from the over-abundance of sprouts a 4H friend was trying to adopt out.

We also have a baby Blue Spruce tree, courtesy of Lowes’ Earth Day promotion.

And look at the pretty little flowers my bush beans have sprouted:

The Bad

Yeah, nice, huh? That is… or was… my watermelon plant.

Not quite sure where to go with that one.

The Ugly


The aphids apparently really think Thomas Jefferson’s cowpeas are tasty.

Obviously, I’m not running out to grab any toxic chemicals to spray on the little nasties. I’m looking into diatomaceous earth, as well as some essential oil options, thanks to suggestions from my wise gardener friends on Facebook. I’ll keep you posted…

Apr 132011

[Post and photography by Nick]

We were gardening yesterday, and I got a little trigger-happy with the camera.

This is our garden.


These are the first strawberries our plant has produced.


This is the first corn sprout we’ve seen.


This is the first lettuce sprout.


This is our mixed onion and garlic patch, with the bush beans visible through them.


These are our black-eyed peas, with the onions visible behind them, and my sister visible behind them. I like the forest effect the onions make.


These are our potatoes.


This is another onion forest picture, with the strawberries visible behind them.


So, here’s some of my photography. I’ve done most of the pictures of the garden, and just wanted to show some of my more superfluous pictures.

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Apr 012011

Wolf decided he wanted to build a treehouse for the kids.

We’ll only be in this house for another 18 months at the most, probably… But he really wanted them to have this.

His theory was that he could build it in a sort of modular platform setup, and then we could take the components with us when we move. It’s all built with treated wood, so it should hold up well.

There are two big trees close together that are the base. For the Littles, there are two (low) platforms and a walkway through between the trees, with a ladder up on one side. Railings are next on the agenda.

The plan is to put a platform about 12′ up, for Nick. He’ll have a rope ladder, or some similar type of access that he can control.

Dec 122010

Join us on the journey – Seven Days in a Dress.

Here’s the links to the history, so you can read any of the previous installments:
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Day 2 (Shoe Musings)
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Day 4 (Work Day)
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Today is thus actually the eighth of nine postings for our seven days. The Introduction preceded it, and we will follow up tomorrow with the review and reflection…

As I mentioned, I am photographing the outfits one day ahead, for ease of posting – so this is actually Saturday’s outfits. I am also preparing this post Saturday, as we will of course be celebrating Sabbath tomorrow. Nick will be singing with the Youth Choir, so it should be any extra joy-filled service!

Tiffany is wearing a cotton print jumper (which is really, really NOT winter attire!) with a coordinating light blue long sleeved blouse. White head covering, socks, and Keds-like shoes complete the outfit.

Jewel is wearing a fun new (to us) winter jumper, with a white long-sleeved shirt, woolly tights, and black boots. She has colorful rubber bands in her ponytail, and a bright red headband.

Enjoy your Sabbath in a skirt… You are honoring the femininity with which the Lord blessed you!

Please use the linky to share a link to your blog post, a public photo, or an album – along with a thumbnail photo. We can all use some support and inspiration along the way!