Jan 242014

wig grip
I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before: I am 6’2″, so everything about me is just bigger in proportion – including my head circumference.

I can’t wear ready-made headbands and such because they are always too small. And the wig grip I got recently is no exception. It adjusts with velcro, but seems to go from “normal” DOWNWARDS to “small”, rather than larger.


I wear snappy clips or hairpins to hold my coverings in place now, but I would like to expand to some tichel or other scarf styles that don’t allow for that. (And they slip around too much without it – I did try!)

What type of coverings do you wear? How do you secure your coverings?

Dec 262013

sharkSo, another half school year has gone by since my last school update, “No Child Left Behind“.  Once again, I find myself at the point where I have had to make some adjustments in my school calendar, and even the logistics of my lesson plans.

We have just completed the “common” work for the school year which might ideally have ended in May (the year we are calling 2nd Grade / Pre-K).  So after the first of the year, we will take up the new school year, 3rd Grade / K (which “began” in September).  Since I would like to get this common section a bit more back on track with the customary school year, I will be making an effort to work through it diligently, so that we can finish sooner than this time next year.

Their separate subjects, however, continue to diverge.

R.T. started in on his K Math and Language Arts activities over the summer, and is well on his way to being totally done with them.  Not entirely sure where to go with him at this point.

Miss J …  Ah, Miss J.  Since we delayed a year because of her total lack of response with reading, the work she has been doing alongside her “2nd Grade” school year was 1st Grade Math and LA.  And although we are now finished with the common areas, she’s still lagging with her separate work.

So, what’s a mother to do?

One of the things I appreciate about Sonlight, as the teacher, is that all the lesson plans are made, coordinated, and placed together in an orderly fashion in a 3-ring tabbed binder.
Behind each week’s tab goes the common “core” material, the Science material, Jewel’s material, and R.T’s material.

For the last few months this has been quite a confusing situation.  With the common subjects we had reached one week, but Jewel’s work was way back somewhere else, and so on.

I had one spare smaller binder on hand, from the old Core I bought used (read about that adventure HERE), so I purchased one small binder and two sets of weekly tabs from Sonlight.

Now the Core (with Science), Jewel, and R.T. will each have a home of their own, and a pace of their own.

It is my hope that this will let us track each of those at their own pace.  I can keep the common subjects in sync with the usual school year schedule, while R.T. can work ahead, and Jewel can take the time she needs.

I am hopeful about this change.  It allows me to keep doing their Core together (easier for me, and I think nice for them, to be working together), yet give them the developmentally-appropriate support that each of them needs …  which is, after all, one of the fundamental benefits of homeschooling.


Dec 232013

TT HolidayMost of you have probably seen a reference to Tropical Traditions, here or on another blog, even if you aren’t currently shopping there.

I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some of their holiday deals with you. They are the choice of many, many foodie bloggers for healthy fats like Virgin Coconut Oil and Palm Oil, as well as a wide range of other healthy goodies.

From now through Christmas (hurry!!) you can get a TOTALLY FREE bottle of their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (with your order of just $12.99 or more)!  (Must place free item in cart, will not be automatically added to order).

There are also MANY other sales throughout the site, including (but NOT limited to) these:


PLUS, Tropical Traditions has a free gift for you through their Referral Program:

If you are a new customer, as an As For My House reader you will receive a complimentary copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours! by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy with your order. This book is filled with testimonies and research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how one can incorporate coconut into their diet.

Just select “Referred by a friend” when asked, and in the box that says “How did you hear of us?” enter my Sponsor ID number: 5689476.

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Dec 212013

amazonI really, really enjoy my Amazon Prime membership, because I can get pretty much anything shipped right to me – fast and free.  Since so many things I buy aren’t available locally, Amazon, and Amazon Prime, is a lifesaver.

But do you know what I just recently found out?

They have a whole library of movies and TV that you can stream … FREE!

Can’t really beat that, can you?

Okay, here’s one better, just for you:

You can have a totally FREE Prime membership for 30 days, which includes ALL the benefits, such as the shipping AND the video streaming.

So try it out.  Enjoy it for a month.  Cancel if you don’t think it’s worth it.  (Or get a couple of family members to share the cost with you!)

Nothing to lose…

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link your costs will be the same but As For My House will receive a small commission. This helps cover some of the costs for this site. We appreciate your support.

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers.

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Dec 192013

what-is-wordpress-all-about-logoThings look different around here, don’t they?

And the theme keeps changing.  And the sidebar keeps changing.

Please bear with me!

We started the blog on the domain “www.as-for-my-house.com”, because we really, really wanted to have our name…  but a real estate agent owned the simpler version.

Luckily for us (sadly for him, probably), the domain became available, and we gleefully purchased “www.asformyhouse.com”.  For a temporary measure, we just set it up to forward to the established blog location.

Well, days turned into weeks turned into months.  Wolf has had his plate more than full, and with my daily pain level I am not able to do the type of work required to get things switched over.

Finally, as with the decision to hire some youth friends to help with the Littles’ school reading and such (see the post on Coming Out of the Closet with Chronic Illness), we steeled ourselves to the reality that we needed some help.

I struck a deal for a very fair price with my Facebook friend Jocelyn, who had been kind enough to tweak a few WordPress things for me in the past when I got stuck.  (Message Jocelyn Dixon on Facebook if you find yourself in need of help!)

What neither of us knew was that it was going to turn into a monstrous nightmare of ghost files and corrupted settings.  Eeeek!

Well, I THINK we are more-or-less done.

The blog now resides at www.asformyhouse.com.  Although the old domain will forward, please update your bookmarks!

The theme I designed was one of the casualties of the move, so we are using one of the available WordPress free themes to get by until we get to a point where we can worry about that.  (It may change another time or two before we settle – they each have different features that may or may not work with my blogging style).

The list of “Links” and resources I had collected?  Still MIA as of this posting.  Hopefully Jocelyn can tease it out of the server somehow…

So, again, I ask you to please bear with us, as we move forward.






Dec 072013

Yes, I mean the lower-case, adjective type “classic.” But I also mean the fantastic web shop Classic Clothing Store. (You may have seen references and links here in the past to Ringger Clothing – these are the same fine folks in their swanky new digs).

We have purchased from them before, and have always been delighted with the garments, the quality, the service – just everything!

For our particular needs, it’s important that they are happy to customize things – longer, smaller waist, add pockets, or whatever you need. Except where indicated otherwise, all of their products are made-to-order, so you can ask about any changes that strike your fancy.

The photos shown feature our lovely spokes-model Jewel, showing off her new Girl Blouse with Ruffles in Pink Floral.

You can click through to buy your own. Or why not click through anyway, just to check out my lovely girl over on their site?

The blouse is a great fit, and the color scheme is perfect for my little princess. She even had some new barrettes that coordinate perfectly.

Of course, it’s available in other colors, too, if your princess has different tastes. And they do feature a full array of modest clothing for women and girls – dresses, jumpers, skirts, tops, slips, accessories, and more… even fabric and patterns to do it yourself.

While you’re over at Classic Clothing, be sure to check out the Deal of the Day page. Great deals, and plenty of items that are in-stock for quick shipping.

And if you hurry (through December 10th), you can also take advantage of Free Shipping on any order over $100 with the code FREESHIP .

Just in time for the holidays – dressing up yourself and your daughter, or for gift-giving.

NOTE: If you’re planning to pay with a credit card, be sure to follow the instructions on the Shopping Cart page and select “PayPal” as your payment method. You don’t need to have an account, that’s just the processor they use for charges.

I received a discount on my Classic Clothing order, to provide me with products for a possible review on this blog.

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Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers.

I disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Dec 052013

When I saw this graphic from Being Frugal Sally, I knew it was time for another post about Christmas, and gift giving.

To catch up with what I’ve written about our holiday traditions in the past, you can revisit Celebrating St. Nick.

This year we’ve made a couple of big strides forward:

1. Continuing with gifting on St. Nicholas’ Day, but continuing the move away from “stuff”.

Rather than stay home and focus even on that gift-giving holiday, we’ve arranged to take a mini-vacation. Everyone’s gifting budget is channeled into the costs of the trip, so presents are only a few of the “stocking stuffer” variety, mostly for entertainment on the drive.

This happened a bit inadvertently last year, with our family’s first trip to Disney World. The kids still talk about it often, and we enjoy our photos … while nobody remembers what “stuff” they might have received. Seems like a big win to me!

2. Getting the extended family on board.

I was just sick when my sweet daughter asked if we could have fewer presents to open this year. The extended family doesn’t get to see them much, and definitely has the gifting love language.

This year, when I got a call with a grief-stricken concern that airfare was twice as much as last year, and they might not be able to do as much, I knew it was a golden opportunity.

I presented the idea of giving each child the precious gift of their time. We’ve worked out a plan where they will take each child on a “date”, and do something fun with them (different for each one). Jewel’s “date” will be a sewing project time, so she will have a “gift” built in. For R.T., they will get something small and fun to remember what they did.

I’m sure they will have something small for each person to put under the tree, as well – I don’t for a moment imagine they could resist.

But this is good. This is very good.

And a bonus number

3. The December Kindness Challenge

Each person is challenged to do one act of kindness for someone else each day.

It is, after all, what Jesus would do.

The kids are having fun coming up with things, even though their logistics are somewhat limited at ages 5 and 8. It has already been fruitful, and it’s only December 5th.

Dec 022013

Things are chaotic here, and I have no big plans for doing new things for Advent this year.

A little reading, a little storytelling…

Heck maybe we’ll even get to finally finish up our Truth in Tinsel ornament set! Be sure to read my review from last year ( HERE ), to find out what all the fuss is about.

What are your plans for the season?

Dec 022013

How did it get to be December, and I haven’t ordered my 2014 planner yet? Yikes!

I don’t believe I’ve ever shared before about the planner I use. I’ve been a huge fan of the Amy Knapp planner since I discovered it, I believe four years ago now.

She offers the planners in both spiral-bound and 7-hole punch, and in a generic and a Christian edition. There’s even a big, fun family wall calendar.

Roomy enough for activities and appointments, tear-out grocery lists, note areas, and weekly memory verse. I like it, I like it! :)

I prefer the 7-hole punch version because of the freedom it gives me from year to year. I purchased a “Day Runner” type binder inexpensively though eBay. Now I can retain the pages with addresses and phone numbers, important annual dates, web site references, and so forth, while removing the old daily calendar pages and adding new. I can also only add only part of the year if I choose, reducing the weight of my little companion.

They are available at some bookstores, and Amazon.com, but the most comprehensive selection (including the 7-hole punched) is only on Amy Knapp’s website (contains affiliate links, see below).


Yep, I like it so much I became an affiliate; this is not a sponsored post. Clicking through my link doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I earn a small commission if you purchase anything. Thank you for helping to support the blog!

Nov 282013

I have a confession: I don’t let people in my house.

My house is a mess. No, not what you mean when you say your house is a mess. I mean, like, halfway to “Hoarders” messy.

There are too many days when it’s all I can do to get out of bed, and make sure the children are fed and safe. So it’s my dirty little secret.

Then, unexpectedly, I found a friend. Someone I really hardly know, but with whom I feel safe. She and her children have been an amazing blessing to me. They even came and worked alongside me to help me do some cleaning and sorting (I am trying to thin out our possessions drastically, and simplify life!).

So, do you know what I went and did?

I invited them over for Thanksgiving.

It all happened rather suddenly, since they originally had other plans that fell through, but now it is done.

Five of them, and five of us, in a house that I never let anyone see? Wow.

Yes, it got a lot better when my new friends helped me start through the sorting. And yes, we’ve straightened up more today, to make a space for a large party dining and socializing.

But it doesn’t look anything like the lovely photos of decorated tables that my friends are sharing on Facebook.

Just good friends, and good food (she is a “whole foodie”, too!) …

I am truly blessed, and truly thankful.

And please, take a moment to be thankful for these folks: