13686732_1256091617786776_2451872281541028761_nWelcome to “Wellness”!

Our family has been challenged with a number of significant health issues, “chronic” and otherwise.

Many of them come up from time to time on the blog.  But we wanted, especially, to share this journey of healing with you.

Some of the journey is being chronicled more on its own Facebook page, to avoid overwhelming the blog with these posts.  Join us there at Tiffany’s Pink Paradise.

We are using a new line of all-natural supplements to help heal our bodies comprehensively, and from the inside-out and bottom-up.  Since so VERY many things turn out to be related to “gut health” and “leaky gut” and “candida”, this should have far-reaching implications.

Do It NowAnd if you want to make a change in your health, as well? Hop on over to my personal Plexus online shop to get started!  All products have an unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee from the company, and I will be here to help you every step of the way!  Not sure where to start?  Send me a message from the Facebook page, or email me at:   Wellness at AsForMyHouse dot com.

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